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Ferguson craze is odd given his words are banal.

Byline: Sean McGuire' Because sport's a religion round here Sunday Sermon

THE adulation of Sir Alex Ferguson seems to be picking up pace again, despite the lamentable inheritance he bequeathed his unfortunate successor at Old Trafford.

I was astonished to see that the BBC gave over an hour of prime time telly earlier this week, to a preposterous and unintentionally comic programme which depicted Ferguson as a great leader, who could teach the secrets of leadership to others.

Now besides all the cobblers that is talked about 'leadership' by every snake oil salesman in business schools and executive training courses, up and down the country, there really are a number of outstanding characters who can claim to know a wee bit more about leadership than dear old Fergie. The documentary (it was more like a slabbering PR promo) was hosted by Nick Robinson, the former BBC political editor and mad keen Man Utd fan, who looks at Fergie with a kind of demented adoration, and seemed oblivious to the idiocy of the central proposition of the programme i.e. that Fergie can be counted amongst the great leaders like, for example, Caesar, Napoleon, George Washington or Churchill.

I don't know what is behind this Fergie craze, as his utterances have always struck me as mind bogglingly banal, but history is littered with stories of false prophets and fake icons, a undistinguished group with whom Fergie has far more in common than anything he can boast of in the leadership stakes.


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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 18, 2015
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