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Feral Country.

Feral Country

David Morris

Outskirts Press, Inc.

10940 S. Parker-515, Parker CO

ISBN: 1598004247, $10.95, 72 pp.

This is a book of poetry containing some of the author's thoughts and feelings about the High Western Desert country of Northwest Colorado and Southern Wyoming. David Morris is a man concerned about the negative impact rampant development is having on the native plants, animals and archeological sites in this unique territory. Reviewing poetry is not my forte, but I try to review all print-on-demand (POD) books sent my way. So, I will tell you what I know, observed and experienced while reading this book.

David's style is more free verselike than rhyming words. The book is well laid out, the cover is particularly attractive and besides the poems, David has included some photographs. His poetry is understandable and not filled with verbal imagery beyond the average person's ability to grasp. Allow me to quote one of his poems, but I will use a slash mark to indicate the end of a line and two slashes for a double space instead of presenting it as shown in the book. The title of the poem is "Beyond Quiet".

"I tell myself/ Stand still awhile// Listen hard and could be hear// the soft anguished sigh/ of snow melting// the scratch and pop of gnarled roots/ stretching awake/ in cool wet ground// the sound of water fed grasses fattening// the quiet hiss of high gray tinged clouds/ sliding in from the west// all that and more to listen for/ yet I must ruin/ an almost perfect silence/ with the sodden sucking sounds/ of my own footsteps// too ADD/ to stay stopped/ long enough to really listen/ to any one/ place or thing."

If you like poetry about landscapes, wildlife, Native Americans and early pioneers and are interested in preserving this High Western Desert country, you might add your support to David efforts by reading his book and contacting him directly as he invites you to visit him in Craig, Colorado for an afternoon of hiking. David Morris is a school teacher who has written these poems with humor, honesty and sensory detail for you to see and feel this unique desert country he has come to love. Glad you made the effort. Thank you, David!
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Author:Trout, Kaye
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Date:Jul 1, 2006
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