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Ferag Boosts German Mailroom's Revenue Potential.

Druckzentrum Nordsee GmbH in Bremerhaven, Germany, is accessing new markets using Ferag post-press technology. Production consists of the Rhine-format weekday Nordsee-Zeitung, the Sonntagsjournal, supplements and semi-commercials in formats from A4 to Berliner, in full color and all on one variable-width offset newspaper press.

For the Sunday paper, the Ferag mailroom line supports inserting of million of supplements into as many as 20 zoned sections. The line was set up for subsequent proof-printing and production of four sub-editions of the daily.

The company also can now create magazine-like products by three-sided trimming to a minimum A4 format, stitching at the fold with a commercial cover. Even single-copy addressing and foil wrapping is now possible.

Ferag equipment includes a MultiSertDrum, two RollStream pre-collecting systems with 12 JetFeeder hoppers, and a slimmed-down MultiDisc solution with tandem winding and unwinding stations. The Bremerhaven installation uses a StreamStitch stitching system and SNT-U trimming drum.

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Date:Apr 16, 2009
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