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Fence for vines and view.

Notches and airy latticework break up its length

PLANTS, PETS, AND passersby will appreciate this fence because it is friendly to all of them. Instead of a monotonous, blank expanse, the side-yard fence is relieved by notched-in pockets and airy latticework.

The pockets borrow a little space from the enclosed yard to make protected places for plants on the sidewalk side. The side walls of the pockets and the upper 22 inches of the fence are 6-inch grids, made up of vertical 1-by-2s sandwiched between horizontal 1-by-1s. Pairs of 2-by-3s notched into the posts hold the grids in place.

The lower 4 feet of the main fence and the pockets' back walls are solid. Vertical 1-by-4s with eased edges are hemmed in by 2-by-4s at the bottom and 1-by-1s at the top, and capped with 2-by-3s.

The fence is by Kevin Lane of Distinctive Decks and Designs, Portland.
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Title Annotation:innovative and practical designs for fences
Author:Whiteley, Peter O.
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Date:Apr 1, 1992
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