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Feminism Is `Hurtful To Women,' Charges Dobson's Focus On The Family.

The feminist movement is "hurtful to women" because it encourages them to give up their natural roles as mothers, homemakers and nurturers, a top staff member with Focus on the Family asserted recently.

Dianne Passno, executive vice president of FOE made the comments in an interview that ran in the September 2000 edition of Focus on the Family magazine. Passno, who claims she was once a feminist, said the women's movement has gone awry because of "its love affair with abortion and lesbianism."

Asserted Passno, "Many of the spokeswomen have never been married, never tried to balance family and a career. Many are lesbians. That doesn't represent the majority of American women, so how could they address what women today need?"

Continued Passno, "Feminism discounts every bit of value the Lord has placed on living in relation to Him. It's a movement that negates the pattern of marriage and the importance of children and men. It says that women can determine their own futures; they're stronger, they're smarter, they're better than men. They should be able to kill their children; two women should be able to have a family, without male involvement. Everything that is ignoble is sanctioned."

Passno is the author of a new book, Feminism: Mystique or Mistake?, that is being distributed through FOF. The radio-based evangelical ministry, headed by psychologist James Dobson, is head-quartered in Colorado Springs. It is one of the nation's largest Religious Right organizations, with 1998 revenues of $122 million.

Dobson claims the group is nonpolitical, but he has regularly intervened in partisan politics, pressing Republican leaders to adopt Religious Right stands on education, abortion, homosexuality and other social issues.

In the interview, Passno traced the decline of feminism to Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion. Roe, she asserted, "devalued children" and thus "a woman's role in bearing, nurturing and raising children was devalued as well. Career was emphasized as the alternative and promoted as real achievement."

While Passno denied that she wants women to stop working outside the home, she insisted that "our Creator God designed a woman to want to take care of children, to provide a good home, to be a nurturer. That's how we function best. Women can even bring those gifts into the workplace. But if all that's important is career achievement, then it negates how we're created."

Concluded Passno, "The absolutely beautiful thing is how the Lord designed men and women. When He acknowledged Adam's loneliness, He could have made another man. But He didn't. He made a woman. A man and a woman in union with Himself. It's an incredible picture of intimacy that mirrors the Trinity, the most intimate relationship of all."
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Date:Oct 1, 2000
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