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Fellowship and mastership in the American Dental Assistants Association.

Long a standard of professional achievement, Fellowship and Mastership in one of America's premier health care organizations have been coveted levels of professional recognition. They are recognized and accepted accomplishments among one's peers. The benefits of obtaining these credentials are numerous for the practice with which you are affiliated and for the dental health care consumer. Some of the benefits are:

* advanced knowledge leading to increased value to your patients and practice,

* enhanced confidence in your dental assisting capabilities, and

* public recognition of professional achievement and increased self-esteem!

The American Dental Assistants Association offers Fellowship and then Mastership within its membership. There are two paths to these goal, namely (1) clinical and (2) business.

Fellowship is available only to ADAA MEMBERS and only to those who have documented the prescribed educational achievements. To obtain Fellowship status, a person must complete a minimum of 300 hours of continuing education in specific dental topics through a combination of lecture, participation and home study courses.

To obtain Mastership status, a person must first become an ADAA Fellow. Candidates then must complete 400 hours of additional continuing education in a variety of advanced subject categories through a combination of lecture, participation, and home study courses. Mastership candidates must also document hours in volunteer community dental service.

Candidates have ten years to complete each of the Fellowship & Mastership requirements. If you have any questions about these programs, contact Jennifer Porter

A special congratulations to the following successful 2016 Fellowship and Mastership candidates.



Kimberly A. Amy, CDA, CODA, MADAA

Kimberly has worked in the dental field for 44 years and is currently employed (for 36 years) with Edward J. Denholm, DDS in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. Kimberly is a member of the Ohio Dental Assistants Association and served as a Past President. She also served as the ADAA 3rd District Trustee and Chair of Resolutions & Policies, and she is a member of the OMORT Disaster Response Team. She is currently the Akron Dental Assistants Society President. Kimberly's husband, Lee, their daughters Melissa and Charisse, and their three grandchildren, Nicholas, Alexandria, and Gage, have been her support and source of encouragement during this professional journey.


Yvonne Evans, RDA, B.S., MADAA

Yvonne Evans has been involved in the field of dentistry for over 20 years. She was an office manager and cross-trained as an Oral Surgery Assistant. After returning to school and graduating in 2012, she joined the American Dental Assistants Association and immediately became involved in her State and Local chapter. She presently holds the positions of Vice President and Secretary with the 4th District Dental Assistants Society. She has served as a Trustee since 2012. She was selected as an Alternate Delegate-2013 to attend ADAA Conference and Delegate-2014 representing Tennessee. She served as TNDAA's Secretary from 2013-2015. She received the 2014 ADAA New Member Involvement Award. In 2013 she enrolled in the ADAA Fellowship Program and completed her requirements, receiving her Fellowship Award in 2015. She was selected and appointed by the ADAA as a member of the Appeal Board of the Commission of Dental Accreditation. Ms. Evans also serves on the national level as a member of the ADAA Council on Membership. She is one of a handful of members who achieved her ADAA Mastership in under a year. Yvonne enjoys volunteering with the Remote Area Medical Organization traveling to clinics in the state on Tennessee.



Donna M. Hoffman, CDA, CDPMA, FADAA

Donna has worked in the dental assisting field for over 25 years and is currently employed (for 12 years) as a Corporate Trainer for Dental Associates in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. During her years of chairside assisting she worked for doctors in the area of general dentistry, Prosthodontics and Periodontics. Some of her favorite memories were assisting Doctors taking their boards. She resides in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and has been an active ADAA and WDAA member for 10 years. Donna's husband, Gerald; and their four children, Jessica, Christopher, Eric and Brian; have been her support and source of encouragement during her professional journey. Donna worked outside the dental field from 1986-2004 as the VP of Advance Printing, Inc., a company which she started. Other community interests for Donna have been membership in the Rotary International and a Board member, Clerk and Treasurer of the Elkhorn Area School District.


Jennifer Kindel, RDA, BA, FADAA

Jennifer, who resides in Auburn, Michigan, has been involved in the field of dentistry for 31 years and is currently employed (for four years) by Dr. Kevin Bone in Saginaw, Michigan. Jennifer's husband, Phillip, and their two children, Kimani Nakamura and Jared Nakamura, have been her source of encouragement and support during this professional journey. A member of the ADAA for eight years, Jennifer has also been involved with the Michigan DAA and Michigan DAS. She has held positions such as the Legislative Chair and Publicity Chair for the MDAA and President, Treasurer, Technology Chair and VP for the MMDAS. Ms. Kindel has volunteered for the Mission of Mercy as a chairside RDA and has been appointed to the Board of Dentistry for 2016-2019.


Kristina Sprague, CDA, RDA, BS, FADAA

Kristina has worked in the dental assisting field for 20 years, has been employed by Washtenaw Community College for 17 years as an educator, and has been an ADAA member for 18 years. On the national level, she has been an ADAA Scholarship and Awards Committee member and an MDAA Delegate. Ms. Sprague has held multiple positions over the years such as MDAA Finance Chairman, Editor of MATRIX-MDAA newsletter, President and VP of MDAA, and WDDAS President and Secretary. Kristina has been active in the Michigan Mission of Mercy Dental as the Assisting Co-Lead in 2012, 2013 and 2015; Indiana Mission of Mercy Dental Assistant volunteer in 2014; and is currently the Michigan RDA Examiner (since 2012) and the CDA since 1996. Kristina currently resides in Onsted, Michigan. Her husband, Kip and son, Nathan have been her support and source of encouragement during her professional journey.

Congratulations to all our new Masters and Fellows!
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