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Feeling discontent over seasonal suppressant ban; LETTERS.

I WOULD like to get a debate rolling on the subject of seasonal suppressants for racing greyhounds.

I do not see why Norethisterone, a seasonal suppressant which is something deemed to be both safe and effective, is dissallowed by the GBGB.

I am a lover of greyhounds and greyhound racing, and this seems like madness yet comes as no surprise at all.

In a recent article in the Greyhound Star, Dave Martin wrote: 'Durateston contains a male hormone, Rich. Due to that fact it can make a bitch exhibit male characteristics. It can, and does, encourage clitoral enlargement, induce vaginal discharge, can cause infection of the uterus, make the bitch more aggressive and yes, it can improve performance.

'Delvesteron regularly results in a loss of form. This can be long-lasting as it's a six-monthly injection. Several high-class bitches have lost a good second when it's been used and they have never regained form.

'Ovarid regularly fails to do what it's supposed to do and many bitches have conceived whilst suppressed with it. It both encourages mammary enlargement and has a distinct tendency to weaken ligaments and tendons, which of course can affect performance.' Those are the only three GBGB recommended and allowed suppressants. Norethisterone, which is completely effective, has no side effects and no effect on performance, is disallowed.

The Royal College allow all their vets to prescribe anything which they consider safer than those products licensed by the Veterinary Medicine Directorate under their 'Cascade' ruling, but the GBGB will presently not allow it.

I look forward to comments on this topic Dean McKenzie By email (Peter Laurie, GBGB welfare manager, replies: "Oestrus suppression is a complex subject but one that GBGB needs to address, and the ongoing anti-doping and medication review provides a very good opportunity.

"As many readers will be aware, GBGB has commissioned an independent review of the sport's anti-doping and medication control policies.

"Issues relating to seasonal suppression, including the important subject that Dean McKenzie highlighted, are being given careful consideration by the panel, which is still taking evidence.

"The report is expected to be available in February 2010".)
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Jan 6, 2010
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