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THE team at The Courtyard want to ensure patients get the best level of service possible.

They believe it's important to work together with patients so that they feel happy with their teeth, and confident in their new style.

SAME DAY TEETH One of the many ways The Courtyard can help transform a smile is through same day teeth.

Our high-personal what has strong reputation our field Marcos This is a process where, as the name suggests, The Courtyard's expert team create and fit dental implants all in one day.

The team at The Courtyard are dedicated to consistently improving the processes and technologies behind their unqiue form of guided dentistry, and their same day teeth treatment is no different.

WHO ARE SAME DAY TEETH SUITABLE FOR? The team at The Courtyard recommend same day teeth to any patients who suffer from loose dentures, missing teeth or even failing bridges, which have unsuccessfully bridged the gap created by missing teeth.

Most of the patients The Courtyard sees for same day teeth services are those who are having problems with loose, wobbly or bad-fitting dentures - which cause problems with eating and speaking.

ALTERNATIVE TO DENTURES Other patients choose same day teeth as an alternative to dentures, for example if their teeth have been affected by gum disease.

tech but approach is gained us a in They're perfect for patients who've reached their retirement and want to get their teeth sorted without any fuss, or for patients who have suffered from an accident resulting in missing teeth that need an instant solution.

White SAME DAY TEETH isn't the only option of course - there are plenty of other choices which can help treat smaller dental issues, such as veneers and implants.

If you're not sure, why not book free consultation for some honest, expert advice from a qualified cosmetic dentist before making a decision? If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, then get in touch at

THE COURTYARD APPROACH TO SAME DAY TEETH As with any of The Courtyard's dental treatments, talking to you, understanding your concerns, and setting out what you want to achieve is essential for any procedure.

Every patient is different, so learning your dental history, providing honest advice and answering any questions you may have is the best way to start the process.

For same day teeth, The Courtyard team will take a digital impression of your mouth using their advanced CBCT bone scanning equipment.

That way, you can see a digital version of your new smile and what they're able to achieve before they even pick up any implants. It also highlights if there's any issues they need to look at before commencing treatment.

This guided approach, using cutting-edge technology, allows the team to see the unique characteristics of your mouth such as the type and shape of your gums, bone density, the amount of bone and your bite - which allows them to see just how they can achieve your perfect smile.

With over 1,200 implants placed successfully at The Courtyard since 2012, the team can also provide examples of previous cases to show the dramatic change same day teeth gives in real life.

OVERCOMING ANY DENTOPHOBIA It's just a fact that people don't always like going to the dentist. In fact, 12 per cent of people suffer from an extreme dental anxiety. While same day teeth may sound appealing - getting everything sorted in a single day rather than over multiple visits - The Courtyard team understands the worry that receiving a lot of intensive work in a small space of time could be painful.

With same day teeth, as with all of treatments, it's important to the team that they can help reduce any fears or anxieties. One of the ways they this is by explaining everything involved in your treatment - the more you know about what you're going through, the less daunting it will be.

The Courtyard team will always make sure you're comfortable before commencing treatment, and two things that they're always determined to do are just to listen and be kind. They don't want to rush anyone into a treatment that they are not comfortable with, and they'll do what they can to help reduce any fears.

They've put a great deal of energy into making their practice a spa-like space, where you can relax on a sofa with a coffee before your treatment.

As for the treatment itself, they perform it under local anaesthesia and provide you with pain relief once they've finished. They'll also call to check in on you and how you're feeling afterwards. Any pain during the procedure is usually minor and only temporary, but we ensure aftercare is tailored to ensure you have a successful treatment.

HOW MUCH SHOULD I PAY? When it comes to bigger treatments like this, The Courtyard team want to make sure the pricing is as clear as possible, and that their same day teeth treatments are priced competitively.

They've invested PS250,000 into their equipment so they can pass the savings on to you. Originally priced at PS11,500, they've been able to reduce the cost to PS8,900 as result of our improved procedures.

This price is all-inclusive, covering every aspect of your new smile, and any appointments needed. You also receive a five-year warranty on their same day teeth service, so if there any issues during the five years after the procedure, you're covered at no additional cost.

The Courtyard has monthly payment options to help you spread the costs. Its most popular finance package features a deposit, with the rest payable on the clinic's 0 per cent interest finance over 24 months, at a monthly cost of PS368. Other choices include a PS222 monthly payment plan over 48 months.

WHY SHOULD I GET SAME DAY TEETH? Marcos White, owner of The Courtyard, said:"We feel so lucky to be given the opportunity to help patients regain their smile with same day teeth.

"We see on a daily basis the emotional impact being forced to live with a denture can have on a patient.

"This combination of a hi-tech and personal approach is what has gained us our strong reputation in this field. It's not the awards we care about, as much as the fact that happy patients tell their friends that if they need an implant, they should call ThCourtyard."

So, if you're thinking of going ahead with same day teeth, the best bet is to contact the team online, or by calling 01484 432 855 to arrange a free consultation to discuss what's best suited for you, as well as The Courtyard's affordable payment plans.

Our high-tech but personal approach is what has gained us a strong reputation in our field Marcos White
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Date:Feb 16, 2019
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