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Feedback on Winter 2001 issue. (Readers Write).

After reading about activists, I was wondering what I could do. I'd like to write letters to government officials and foundations to request an increase in funding to find a cure for MS.


It's easy. Join the Action Alert team on the Advocacy section of our Web site. Team members will receive all alerts and monthly updates electronically. They will be able to e-mail elected representatives right from the site. Go to: <>. Or telephone 1-800-FIGHT-MS (1-800-3444-867). Select Option #1, and ask for Action Alert updates. --The Editor

Thank you for Sara Silberman's article on The MS Lesion Project. It is one of the most logical and encouraging pieces of information I've obtained since learning I might have MS. I've always believed MS, like cancer, is not a single disease.


Linda Noble Topf speaks of all the achievements ADA has made during the past 10 years. But many buildings regulated by Title II and Title III of the ADA were made accessible to the disabled only after individual citizens like myself fried complaints with the Disability Rights Section, Civil Rights Division, U.S. Department of Justice, P.O. Box 66738, Washington, D.C. 20035-6738.

We should become activists instead of enduring lack of accessibility. If I was aware that an upscale restaurant had failed to comply with ADA regulations after 10 years and was catering a political cocktail party, I would have attended with several friends in wheelchairs. We would all be wearing smiles and tasteful signs: "This restaurant does not comply with ADA accessibility regulations."

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Publication:Inside MS
Date:Mar 22, 2001
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