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Feedback from branches. (Branch Business).

Recently, we have been gathering as much information as we can from all ACEI Branches in order to publish a Branch Ideas Book. This compilation will contain ideas from all of our Branches about projects, events, meetings, and conferences. It will be a very valuable resource for new Branches. It will also be very beneficial to Branches in search of new ideas. Please send in any ideas that your Branch has worked on that proved to be successful in carrying out the goals of the Association. Any idea will be considered for the book, so please do not hesitate to share with us the smallest or simplest project, event, brochure, or booklet that your Branch has developed, even if it was done several years ago.

Calendar of Events

We want to help your Branch promote upcoming events, meetings, and projects. Whenever your Branch has scheduled an event, from a board meeting to a conference, please notify us so we can include your event in our calendar and promote it in the ACEI Exchange, Welcome Kits for new members, and other appropriate publications.

Branch Officer's Handbook

As part of the ACEI Branch Manual, we want to develop a Branch Officer's Handbook, with case studies and suggestions for Branch officers. Your feedback as a current or past Branch leader/officer is very important to us. Please share with us some of the responsibilities and experiences you currently have or had, so we can share those with current and future ACEI Branches.

Please forward your comments, ideas, and suggestions to ACEI Branch Relations Manager, 17904 Georgia Avenue, Suite 215, Olney, Maryland 20832, USA. You can also leave a recorded message on voice mail (toll-free in the U.S. and Canada: 800-423-3563, or outside the U.S.: 301-570-2111), send a fax (301-570-2212), or send an E-mail message (

--Mynor Gonzalez, Branch Relations Manager
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Author:Gonzalez, Mynor
Publication:Childhood Education
Date:Sep 22, 2002
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