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FeedChek screening test unveiled.

SDI Europe has recently introduced the FeedChek[TM] test, designed to detect mammalian-derived meat and bone meal (MBM) in cattle feed. This helps the user to comply with stringent regulations to prevent the spread of Mad Cow's Disease.

A recent independent study found FeedChek[T]M to be the only immunoassay to achieve 100% specificity, sensitivity and accuracy when testing for total processed animal proteins.

In order to meet user-specific requirements, the FeedChek[TM] test incorporates two tests into one test strip. One test indicates the presence of any MBM (avian and mammal) and the second test indicates the presence of mammalian derived MBM in the sample.

FeedChek[TM] is the only test available that provides results for both mammalian and poultry meat. The test's easy to use format is more sensitive and much faster than labour-intensive, costly and time-consuming microscopic methods: and unlike other immunoassays, FeedChek[TM] does not require boiling or weighing of samples.

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Date:Oct 1, 2003
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