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Feed Back: We love to hear your ideas.

WE know there are many of you out there who sometimes feel frustrated that we can't individually answer all of your letters - but that doesn't mean we'renot listening.

When you contact us to pass on your thoughts and ideas, we really do take notice of what you say.

And Val Kellary found that to be true when she contacted the ECHO to ask us to make a show of support for the troops who are so bravely fighting in the Gulf.

Val, whose sonPaul, 22, is a sapper with the Royal Engineers, had been wracking her brains to come up with a way of showing the troops just how much we all think of them.

But then she hit upon the perfect idea - a page in the ECHO pledging the city's support.

We agreed with Val. No matter what anyone thinks of the war,it is vital that the troops feel we are behind them and what better way than backing them through their local media.

So we put together a poster with the message `PleaseCome Home Safe'across the top and ran it in Tuesday's paper.

We were delighted with the idea. Val was delighted with the response.

``I phoned the ECHO because I thought it would be a good idea to have a page showing the troops that the city is behind them.

``But I couldn't believe it when someone phoned to tell me that they thought my idea was a good one and something would be going in the paper.

``This has given me a lift and I am just made up that the ECHO listened to me because it is important.''

So if you have something to say,don't hesitate to contact us. After all,next time it could be you who sees your ideas in print.

A RATHER irate B. Amphoras from Isabel Grove took us to task over an appeal we published on behalf of the Boote Home for Cats.

``Either get a new typesetter or proof reader!

``Twice in two weeks, your letters have referred to `The Bootle Home for Cats'at 2 Elm Vale,Liverpool 6.

There is no `BootleHome for Cats'in Elm Vale. It's theBOOTE Home for Cats.''

Our apologies,obviously an overzealous proof reader probably thought the `l'had been omitted. We will make sure we get it right in future.

However Mrs Macro from Mossley Hill, whop enned the original letter wrote to thank us for publishing it after a great response from ECHO readers.

``We wish to thank all the generous ECHO readers for their donations to the home.''

As, we're sure,do the cats.
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Title Annotation:Comment
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 3, 2003
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