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Fee-for-Service Psychiatric Services.

Tenders are invited for Fee-for-Service Psychiatric Services

1. The provider shall provide psychiatrists who are board eligible or board certified in psychiatry to provide inpatient, outpatient or any combination of inpatient and outpatient treatment to severely and persistently mentally ill adults to meet the temporary urgent staffing requirements at the HOSPITAL and CENTERS.

2. The provider shall ensure that a minimum of one (1) to five (5) psychiatrists shall be available to provide psychiatric services when a request for service is submitted to the provider by the HOSPITAL, or any of the CENTERS (requesting agency). The requesting agency shall provide its request to the provider thirty (30) days prior to the requested reporting date to allow the provider sufficient time to secure the required psychiatrists and the requesting agency sufficient time to evaluate the credentials of those psychiatrists referred by the provider.

3. The provider shall endeavor to assign the same psychiatrist to the HOSPITAL or CENTERS whenever possible, provided that the psychiatrist is qualified to work in the HOSPITAL or CENTERS as specified by the requesting agency.

4. The provider%s psychiatrists shall receive a briefing prior to the assumption of duties and responsibilities by the Medical Director or designated representative of the HOSPITAL or CENTERS regarding the provision of the following diagnostic and administrative services which shall include, but not limited to:

a. Establish diagnosis;

b. Provide assessments and psychiatric evaluations;

c. Provide consultations to other providers and staff;

d. Document clinical findings and recommendations in accordance with departmental policies and procedures;

e. Prescribe and manage medications;

f Work collaboratively with inter-disciplinary team members and

other medical providers the person served may have (e.g., community primary care physician or psychiatrist, in the case of inpatient care);

g. Attend and provide in-service training as needed;

h. Provide clinical services under the supervision of the DIVISION%S

Chief or the Chiefs designee, i.e., the Medical Director of the HOSPITAL or CENTERS. There may be Administrative Direction provided as warranted by the Administrator of the HOSPITAL or the Center Manager.

i. Conduct hospital rounds as needed; and j- Provide professional consultation to other ancillary systems when


The provider shall also provide to the requesting agency references and resumes with qualifications no later than five (5) days excluding weekends prior to assignment of the psychiatrists. The requesting agency shall review the qualifications, background, experience and references of all potential psychiatrists submitted by the applicant prior to any specific offer of temporary appointment. The requesting agency reserves the right to refuse the assignment of an

Tender documents : T23691832.pdf

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Date:Sep 3, 2014
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