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Federalism in America: An Encyclopedia, 2 vols.


Federalism in America; an encyclopedia; 2v.

Ed. by Joseph R. Marbach et al.

Greenwood Pr.


760 pages




Federalism, note editors Marbach (political science, Seton Hall U.), Katz (emeritus, political science, Temple U.), and Smith (political science, Brigham Young U. of Hawaii), is one of the essential organizing principles of the US Constitution and has shaped American politics and public policy ever since the ratification of the document. This encyclopedia presents some 400 entries on the theories, concepts, and terms related to US federalism. Topics include the key constitutional provisions, historical eras and periods, political figures and ideologies, legislation, federal court cases, fiscal arrangement, policy instruments, policy domains, patterns of intergovernmental relations, and other relevant issues. Also included is a chronology and reproductions of the texts of the Articles of Confederation (the document that preceded the Constitution) and the Constitution and its amendments.

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