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Federal JNC appointed.

U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez, R-FL, recently announced the formation of a statewide federal judicial nominating commission to provide recommendations for potential nominees to the Florida federal district courts.

The 56-member commission was named in cooperation with U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-FL, and other members of the Florida congressional delegation.

"Recommending people of the highest character, intellect, integrity, and fair mindedness for appointment to the federal bench is among the most important responsibilities of any United States senator," Martinez said. "I look forward to the commission providing valuable input to myself and Sen. Nelson for this important service."

The JNC's members are divided into geographic regions that correspond with the three divisions of U.S. district courts in Florida. Michael Grindstaff, an Orlando attorney with Shutts & Bowen, has been named statewide chair of the commission.

"Federal judges who understand the importance of an independent judiciary and who respect the role of the courts to interpret and apply the law in a fair and impartial way are vital to the maintenance of our nation and our way of life," Martinez said.

In addition to screening applicants and providing recommendations for district judges, the commission will interview and make recommendations for vacancies in the offices of United States attorney and United States marshal.

The commission's first task will be to accept applications for the vacancy in the U.S. Attorney's office in the Southern District of Florida.

"This is a critical position," Martinez said. "It's one of the top law-enforcement positions in the nation. The commission will accept applications in September, and I'm certain they will interview a number of highly-qualified applicants."

Those appointed to the JNC include: Northern District Conference: Chair Jim Smith, Tallahassee; William (Bill) G. Harrison, Jr., Panama City; William K. "Bill" Jennings, DeFuniak Springs; Harold Knowles, Tallahassee; Brian Jogerst, Tallahassee; C. Ledon Anchors, Jr., Ft. Walton Beach; Susan Story, Pensacola; Tom Condon, Pensacola; Richard F. Smith, Tallahassee; Hayden Dempsey, Tallahassee; Clay Roberts, Tallahassee; Christopher W. Hart, Pensacola; Doug Mannheimer, Tallahassee; Linda Shelley, Tallahassee; and M. J. Menge, Pensacola.

Middle District Conference: Chair Marcos Marchena, Orlando; Brian T. Wilson, Orlando; W.C. Gentry, Jacksonville; Tom Cardwell, Orlando; Gary Lester, The Villages; Becky Martinez, Orlando; Genean McKinnon, Winter Park; Glorious Johnson, Jacksonville; Dr. Javier Garcia Bengochea, Jacksonville; Kathleen Passidomo, Naples; Michael Noch, Naples; Martin Garcia, Tampa; Richard Hadlow, Tampa; Harlan R. Paul, DeLand; Will Stainton, Tampa; Tom Dukes, Orlando; William B. Wilson, Orlando; Wayne Hogan, Jacksonville; John M. Fitzgibbons, Tampa; and Bruce Smathers, Jacksonville.

Southern District Conference: Chair Justin Sayfie, Ft. Lauderdale; Roberto "Bobby" Martinez, Coral Gables; Dr. Barry Silverman, Aventura; Tom Tew, Miami; Mark Schnapp, Miami; Luis Perez, Miami; Manny Kadre, Miami; Gonzalo R. Dorta, Coral Gables; Robert Dunlap, Miami; Peter S. Sachs, Boca Raton; Scott A. Srebnick, Miami; Charles Garcia, Boca Raton; Dexter Lehtinen, Miami; Beverly A. Brame, Smart; Jillian Inmon, Boca Raton; Ellen Bogdanoff, Ft. Lauderdale; Tam Panza, Ft. Lauderdale; Steven E. Chaykin, Miami; Joe Reiter, West Palm Beach; and Michael Hanzman, Coral Gables.
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Publication:Florida Bar News
Date:Sep 1, 2005
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