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Federal 7mm 155-grain Edge TLR: Bullet Board.


Federal's Edge TLR utilizes construction rooted in the legendary Trophy Bonded Bear Claw to achieve best-in-class penetration coupled with massive expansion. The rear half is solid gilding metal (95 percent copper, 5 percent zinc), and the soft lead frontal core is bonded in place. A boattail, a hollow composite tip, and an ultra-sleek profile provide a very high ballistic coefficient. That hollow composite tip collapses inward on impact, enabling the Edge TLR to expand reliably and dramatically even at slow impact velocities--an outstanding choice for long-range hunting. The solid rear half with bonded-core front, means it never comes apart or fails to penetrate even when impacting at extreme velocities up close.


I used the bullet to shoot a massive, old, 54-inch kudu bull in Namibia. As evening waned, it presented a 220-yard, slightly quartering-away shot.


My Edge TLR bullet took the bull in the crease behind the shoulder and ranged through the vitals, coming to rest against the hide at the point of the offside shoulder. On impact, the bull hunched and almost dropped, then rallied and ran about 10 yards before stumbling and dropping.


In all, the bullet passed through some 20 inches of rib bone, vitals, dense muscle, and heavy shoulder bone. Retained weight was 133.5 grains; about 86 percent of original mass. Average expanded diameter was 0.56 inch, which tallies right at 1.9 times the original diameter.


For use across a vast spread of impact velocities, the Edge TLR has no peer. It's reasonably accurate and absolutely reliable. Without question it makes for an excellent big-game hunting bullet.

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