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February imports slack 4.3 percent.

February imports slack 4.3 percent

February imports into the United States were again down for the month - dropping 4.3 percent, or 830,443 gallons to 18.5 million, compared to last year's figures during the same period. Total imports for the first two months were down even further, taking a 10.8-percent plunge, or a drop of over 4 million gallons.

The Netherlands led the way in percentage fallen for the major beer-exporting countries, slipping 24.9 percent from February 1989's numbers. For the year, the Netherlands is down 14.2 percent.

Canada was also off last year's pace, recording a drop of 7.1 percent to 3.79 million gallons from 1989's 4.08 million.

Bucking the trend, Mexico sported a 21-percent increase after a slow start. A total of 4.09 million gallons were imported into the U.S. in February as compared to the same period in 1989 when 3.38 million were imported.

Australia also posted a big increase in February, further illustrating that last year's slow-down was to be short-lived. During the month, Australia shipped 381,998 gallons, a 24.8-percent jump from last year's 306,131 gallons.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 30, 1990
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