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February 26th Marks World Pistachio Day.

LONDON, February 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- February 26th is World Pistachio Day, so why not take a moment to reflect on this amazing little nut? Did you know, for example, that pistachios contain just three calories per nut, as well as more than 30 different vitamins and minerals? There is also evidence that humans were tucking into delicious pistachios as early as 7,000 BC.

Today the whole world is nuts about pistachios and nearly half of California's 400 million pound annual crop of pistachios is exported. Israelis are the biggest fans of the nut with 7 million snackers consuming 9 million pounds of pistachios, making it the leader per capita for pistachio consumption.

In many cultures the pistachio also has great symbolic significance. In China, it is known as the "Happy Nut" because it looks like it is smiling and pistachios are also given as a gift for good fortune at Chinese New Year. Whilst Russian legend also notes that anyone who hears the crackle of an opening pistachio nut will soon find success.

With World Pistachio Day on the February 26th, there is no better time to tuck into a bag of delicious Wonderful Pistachios, which are now also available in Salt & Pepper flavour from Tesco (RRP GBP2.49).

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About Wonderful(R) Pistachios

The Wonderful Pistachios brand features upscale, premium packaging and a bold contemporary look, appealing to a sophisticates, health-conscious consumer. Wonderful Pistachios are grown in the San Joaquin Valley, the agricultural heartland of California. Grown, processed and packaged by Paramount Farms, Wonderful Pistachios are available at retail outlets and grocery stress around the world, in a variety of sizes and flavors. For more information about Wonderful Pistachios visit, and

About PistachioHealth.Com

For more information about the health benefits of pistachios, visit, the leading online source of information on the health and nutrition benefits of California pistachios. The site serves as a resource for both consumers and health professionals. The site is available in 12 languages and is the global resource for all things pistachio health.
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