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Featuring a new name, the 34th Annual International Waterborne Symposium to be held February 14-16 in New Orleans.

The School of Polymers and High Performance Materials at The University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS, and the Southern Society for Coatings Technology will host The Water-borne Symposium (formerly called the International Waterborne, High-Solids, and Powder Coatings Symposium) on February 14-16, 2006, at the Marriott Hotel in New Orleans, LA. This is the 34th year for the Symposium. This year's theme is "Advances in Intelligent Coating Design."

Prior to the start of the Symposium, two Short Courses--"Modern Coatings-Current and Emerging Technologies" and "Reformulating Waterborne Coatings" -- will be held February 12-13, 2007.

The preliminary Symposium program features the following presentations:

"Formulating Industrial Wood Coatings with a Novel Formaldehyde-Free Crosslinker to Replace Conventional Aminoplast Crosslinkers" -- Williams Jacobs and Barry Lawless, Cytec Surface Specialties

"An Evaluation of the Capability of a Combinatorial Workflow for Marine Coating Development" -- David A. Christianson, Bret J. Chisholm, Shane J. Stafslien, Christy Gallagher-Lein, and James A. Bahr, Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering, North Dakota State University

"High-Throughput Biological Assays for the Rapid Evaluation of Antifouling and Fouling-Release Marine Coatings" -- Shane J. Stafslien, Justin Daniels, James A. Bahr, David A. Christianson, and Bret J. Chisholm, Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering, North Dakota State University

"The Development of Novel, Mg-Rich Primers for Controlling Corrosion of Aluminum Alloys" -- Bret J. Chisholm, Jun Li, Missy Berry, Yuhchae Yoon, Dante Battochi, Jie He, and Gordon Bierwagen, North Dakota State University

"Synthesis and Swelling Behavior of Photopolymerized Poly(N-Isopropylacrylamide) and Poly(Methacrylic) Acid Brushes" -- Santosh B. Rahane, J. Alaina Floyd, Andrew T. Metters, and S. Michael Kilbey II, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Center for Advanced Engineering Fibers and Films, Clemson University

"Synthesis, Assembly, and Bio-Function-alization of Stimuli-Responsive Polymer Brushes" -- Jamie M. Messman and Jimmy W. Mays, Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; and Abigail Banaszak, Joshua Barringer, and S. Michael Kilbey II, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Clemson University

"AFM Characterization of Thermoplastic Elastomer: Adhesion, Stiffness, Topography" -- P. West and N. Starostina, Pacific Nanotechnology Inc.; and K. Hiromi, TOYO Corporation

"Accelerated Acid Etch for Automotive Clearcoats Part II: A Refined Test Procedure Provides Lab and Field Correlation" -- Maria Marino and Patrick J. Brennan, Q-Lab Corporation; and John Boisseau and Donald Campbell, BASF

"Aqueous Epoxy Resin Dispersions for Industrial Coating Application" -- Vijay M. Mannari and Tilok N. Kataria, Eastern Michigan University, Coatings Research Institute

"Corrosion Inhibitors for Waterborne Alkyds" -- Tony Gichuhi, Wendy Novelli, Saner Poplata, and Andrew Thorn, HALOX; and Melissa DeGroot, HEXION

"Effect of Emulsifier Selection on Emulsion Polymer Properties" -- Ana Maria Fernandez, Cognis Corporation

"Quantifying Chain Transfer Effects on Macromolecular Architecture in Emulsion Polymerization" -- Stacy Stromeyer, David Delatte, Sharathkumar K. Mendon, James W. Rawlins, and Shelby F. Thames, The University of Southern Mississippi

"Next Generation Coalescing Surfactants for Formulating Low-VOC Coatings" -- Ernest C. Galgoci, Khalil Yacoub, Ingrid K. Meier, Ellen M. O'Connell, Virendra V. Shah, Kenneth A. Yoxheimer, and Nancy M. Martin, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

"High End Waterborne Binders for Air Dried Coating Applications" -- Gerhard Reidlinger, Cytec Surface Specialties Austria GmbH; and Dennis St. Laurent, Cytec Surface Specialities

"Novel Waterborne Chlorine-Free Adhesion Promoter for TPO Substrates" -- Kenichi Fujino, Nippon Paper Chemical Co., Ltd.

"Film-Forming Aid Selection to Optimize Performance and Minimize Volatile Organic Content" -- Arron M. Strepka, William D. Arendt, and Mak Joshi, Velsicol Chemical Corporation

"Aspects of Latex Particle Size Control for Improved Water Blush Resistance" -- Scott Harvey and Gary Carlson, Ashland Specialty Chemical Company

"Coatings and Films with Expanded Usability Made from Novel Solvent-Free Polyurethane Dispersions" -- P. Ilmenev, Cytec Industries, Inc.

"Novel Fluoropolymer Based Emulsion Technology: Striving for 'Green' Coatings" -- Ravi Gupta and Kurt Wood, Technical Polymers R & D, Arkema Inc.

"Novel Polymeric Coatings for Controlled Drug Release" -- Judit E. Puskas, The University of Akron; and Robert A. Hoerr, Nanocopoeia, Inc.

"New Low-VOC 2K Waterborne Polyurethane Coatings Using Rhodocoat Hydrophilic Polyisocyanates" -- Xiaodong Wu, Amit Sehgal, Satyen Trivedi, and Richard P. Rosen, Rhodia, Inc.

"Influence of Colloidal Structure on Film Formation of 2K-Waterborne Polyurethanes" -- Amit Sehgal, Xiaodong Wu, Satyen Trivedi, Mikel Morvan, and Richard Rosen, Rhodia, Inc.

"Microcrystalline Cellulose--A Unique Rheology Modifier and Dispersing Aid for Waterborne Coatings" -- Gerard Lynch, Shirley Yang, and George Ayling, FMC Corporation

"Control of Location and Concentration of Functional Sites for Thermosetting Latexes" -- M.D. Soucek, The University of Akron

"Incorporation of Hydrophobic UV-Stabilizers into Waterborne Coatings" -- Gerd Faoro, Clariant Corporation

The Symposium will also feature a student poster session, a technology showcase featuring tabletop exhibits, and a spouses' program. Registration for the symposium includes admission to the technical sessions and a copy of the Symposium Proceedings.

For more information on the Symposium and short courses, contact Laura M. Fosselman, Waterborne Coordinator, at 601.266.4475,, or visit
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