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Featured parish nurse program.

After years of watching family, friends, and patients battle cancer, Immaculate Conception Parish Nurse Linda Kuhlmeyer decided she had to join the fight against the disease. So, she formed I.C. Angels in Action--the top fundraising team the last two years at the American Cancer Society Relay for Life of Arnold.

"People will say, 'How can you devote so much time to this?' I say, How can I not devote my time to it? I've been a nurse for 23 years, and I was a cancer nurse for a short time. And, in this parish, I see cancer all the time."

Kuhlmeyer, 44, said she sees the effects of cancer almost weekly, when she visits ill parishioners. "I call to find out what's going on, and if they're going through cancer treatments, I really watch it closely. I see how their chemo or other treatments are going or if they have enough family support."

Her team usually has about 12 members, mostly Immaculate Conception parishioners. "I'm always recruiting for survivors at the parish. I try to contact them and let them know they can be part of it. We need to let them know we're there for them."

Kuhlmeyer said she not only encourages others to help with the relay, but to care for their own health by getting regular checkups, including cancer screenings. "At age 50, get a colon exam," she said. "Early detection is important. And, prevention is No. 1. Don't smoke!"

Linda Kuhlmeyer can be reached by e-mail at

She is part of the Deaconess Parish Nurse Ministry Network in Jefferson County, Missouri, whose director is Marilyn Price.

Marilyn, who recently returned from a mission trip to Honduras, can be reached at Rita Rieger, part of the Deaconess Parish Nurse Ministry Network, also accompanied Marilyn and the medical team.

Linda Kuhlmeyer serves as the Parish Nurse for Immaculate Conception Parish in Arnold, Missouri. Recently, she was featured on the front page of the Arnold-Imperial Leader for her leadership activity in the community. This piece is taken from that article written by Kim Robertson and is used with permission.
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Author:Kuhlmeyer, Linda
Publication:Parish Nurse Perspectives
Date:Jun 22, 2009
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