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Featured Parish Nurse.

Halah Nachawati, RN, BSN, is a faith community nurse at the Dar El Eman Islamic Center in Arlington, Texas. Information for this column was taken from a feature, "Fulfilling Needs: Faith community nursing expands to Muslim congregation," written by Teresa McUsic for the Oct. 20 edition of the South Central issue of NurseWeek, sent by Paulette Golden, Manager of Community Health and Faith Community Nursing at Harris Methodist Fort Worth Hospital. Thanks to Paulette and Halah, and blessings to our sisters in faith community nursing in all places.

Halah Nachawati is a post-partum nurse in Arlington, Texas, and is used to assessing the health needs of those she serves. Some of her patients are well-equipped to care for their new child, and others leave needing other resources. Some of her patients have health insurance--others are not so fortunate.

Ms. Nachawati noted similar trends in her faith community, the Dar El Eman Islamic Center, an Arlington mosque which serves 2000 members. She noted health needs among the people there, and stepped in to make a difference.

Halah recently told a reporter, "We have a community where most do not have health insurance and our health needs are not being met. The mosque saw people had health care needs and wanted a more structured program than just a yearly health fair."

So, Ms. Nachawati took the Basic Preparation Course for Faith Community Nurses with Ms. Golden at Harris Methodist Fort Worth Hospital, which now works with 67 nurses in a variety of faith communities, serving 25,000 families. Along with two other faith community nurses at her mosque, Halah is able to offer help from her own nursing expertise, and has the significant resources of Harris, and their parish nursing network, behind her. "When you are in a community, people identify you as a nurse. But this is a chance to have an unending amount of resources behind you. This program makes it more organized. It's a big helping hand."

No matter your region, your religion, or your role in healthcare now, if you are a registered nurse with an interest in helping others, you can make a significant contribution to the lives of others through faith community nursing,

"Any faith community can benefit from this," Halah says. "It really makes a difference in people's lives."

For more information about the Harris Methodist Fort Worth Hospital's faith community nursing program, contact Paulette Golden at or call her at (817) 250-5081.

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Date:Sep 22, 2008
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