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NEW YORK, Nov. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- The following articles are now available exclusively on Business Week Online's Daily Briefing (

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Delivering Headaches


Priceline's WebHouse Club grocery service manages to adds to the hassles of buying food. In Clicks & Misses on Business Week, BWs Diane Brady says only the most budget obsessed shoppers will bother. The name-your-own- price site known for travel bargains may save you a few bucks on food but doesn't get the packages to your door. In fact, it adds to your shopping hassles.

Will Philip Morris Stock Catch a Spark -- or Go Up in Smoke?


Are you a contrarian investor? One of those folks who likes buying a stock when it's down, doesn't mind owning a piece of a controversial business, and who gets bored analyzing company fundamentals such as earnings growth, cash flow, and market share growth. If so, Philip Morris (MO) is a stock for you. Its p-e is low, its yield is high, and its growth prospects are good--if it doesn't get buried in tobacco claims.

How Chris McHugh Is Making It in Mid-Caps


High returns at relatively low risk is every investor's Holy Grail, and Turner Midcap Growth Fund (TMGFX) has had a firm grip on the prize since its debut just over three years ago. In that time, portfolio manager Chris McHugh has delivered an annual average total return of better than 42% -- at sharply below-average risk, according to Morningstar, which recently granted the fund its five-star rating. In a Q&A with BW's Robert Barker in, McHugh talks about his stock-picking strategy.

This Company Is Gonna Have Culture!


ZipRealty's president does bike rides, lunch, and dinner to build a group ethos, as explained in Net Journal on Business Week frontier for small business.

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Date:Nov 19, 1999
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