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Feathered friends are so fascinating.

IT has been really interesting to read the recent letters in the TalkBack pages from the Birmingham Mail readers regarding blue tits and other birds pecking away at home windows.

Some of the bird behaviour is perhaps odd to us humans, but quite often it is the norm for the birds, I would suppose.

My daughter had a female pheasant pecking at her back door window recently. These pheasants do not normally come into urban back gardens, although her home is located in a semi-rural/urban area and it is close to a canal in Worcestershire.

Closer to my home, I watched a mistle thrush standing by a bus stop in Kings Norton recently, before it made off as a person approached. Mistle thrushes are not really as common as they were a few years ago, and I don't often see them in gardens now.

Along another Kings Norton road, by a bus stop again, I noticed a green woodpecker pecking away for ants alongside a field embankment. I have had a lesser spotted woodpecker on my bird feeders close to a window before, but it is only now and again that you catch a sight.

A little egret, a rare visitor to Birmingham, appeared at Kings Norton nature reserve a couple of years ago, and it is still about I believe.

It is strange where wild birds will turn up now, but it is great to see them wherever they appear. It seems to me that many people have lost touch with local wildlife in their areas which is a great shame, its value to our wellbeing cannot be overstressed. It certainly beats the likes of computers and social media for me any day! And it is not electronic and does not cost money. David Stamps, by email

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:May 7, 2018
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