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Feasibility study on small hydro power plants promoted.

Minister of Environment and Physical Planning Abdilaqim Ademi promoted the Feasibility Study on the rationalization of awarding concession for use of water for electricity production by way of construction of small hydro power plants, as well as WebSite that will ensure transparency in the implementation of activities and timely and objective information of citizens, investors and all relevant stakeholders.

The Study contains all information required, ranging from economic, through legal, financial to technical analyses, with recommendations and conclusions for 80 locations for which the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning should award concessions.

"It is of vital importance to explore and offer the most optimal solutions. To that end, and based on the findings of the Feasibility Study, we consider the possibilities for grouping certain locations by watercourse, possibilities to modify preferential tariffs of produced electricity, as well as to amend and supplement net-work rules and simplified connection to electricity network of Macedonia," Ademi said.

He expects increased production and reduced necessity for electricity import; reduced emission of greenhouse gases and local economy triggering activate. From economic point of view, investment costs required to implement all 80 SHPPs have been estimated at 176 million EUR, and the total installed capacity has been estimated at 63 MW (mega watts). Provided that all 80 SHPPs are completed, the total production of electricity is expected to be 226 GWh (giga watts).

Minister Ademi announced that by the end of the year, six packages for construction of small hydro power plants will be announced and the deadline for applications is 90 days from publishing of the tender.

"The website on the small hydro power plants will provide easy access to all necessary information," Ademi said.


Investment without financing sources             in millions

Hydroelectric Power Plant "Zletovica" 3 phase -        1.789

TOTAL                                                  1.789

Investment with concessions                      in millions

Construction of 400 small HPP                         43.058

Construction of 12 HPP - Vardar River Valley          72.584

Construction of the HPP "Chebren"                     20.814

Construction of Hydro Power Plant "Galishte"          12.317

Construction of Hydro Power Plant "Boskov most"        4.306

TOTAL                                                153.079

Source: Water strategy for the Republic of
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Title Annotation:ECOLOGY
Publication:Macedonian Business Monthly
Date:Dec 1, 2013
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