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Fear, exclusion, and revolution; Roger Morrice and Britain in the 1680s.


Fear, exclusion, and revolution; Roger Morrice and Britain in the 1680s.

Ed. by Jason McElligott.

Ashgate Publishing Co.


228 pages




Roger Morrice was an otherwise obscure Puritan cleric whose sole claim to fame was his "Entring Book," an exhaustive record of the rise of British party politics in the late 17th century. In introducing a dozen conference-based essays on this work by international scholars, McElligott (history of the early-modern printed book, Merton College, Oxford, UK), who has additional writings forthcoming on the topic, notes that this unique source provides insights into the religious, political, and cultural history of London and Britain during this turbulent era. Feminist scholars should find interesting a discussion of women's attraction to Whig politics. Recent publication of an edited, indexed version of the nearly million-word text has spurred scholarly interest in Morrice's book.

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