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Reassessing the structure and tectonics between the Flemish Cap and the Irish Atlantic margins during oblique rifting. Yang, Pei; Welford, J. Kim Jan 1, 2021 299
The Dog Bay Line in northeast Newfoundland, Canada: an overview of the current state of knowledge. Sandeman, Hamish A.I. Jan 1, 2021 321
The Belleisle Fault at Beaver Harbour, New Brunswick, Canada: where is it, what is it, and when (and how) did it move? Park, Adrian F.; Hinds, Steven J.; Johnson, Susan C. Jan 1, 2021 315
A comparison of Cambrian uplifted rift shoulders in western Avalonia, Newfoundland (Canada) and the Anti-Atlas (Morocco). Alvaro, J. Javier Jan 1, 2021 213
Finding Fault In A Shear Zone. Flanagan, Marie; Leitch, Alison Jan 1, 2021 328
Grenville and Appalachian controls on modern tectonics in the Labrador Sea, Canada. Pollock, Jeff Jan 1, 2021 311
Finding fault in a shear zone. Flanagan, Marie; Leitch, Alison Jan 1, 2021 338
Large-scale late Cenozoic to post-glacial growth faulting in the northern sector of the Banks-Beaufort- Basin, western Canadian Arctic. King, Edward L.; Stashin, Sydney Jan 1, 2021 451
Groundwater silcrete in the Potsdam Group, Ottawa Graben, Canada: a case example of shallow fault-controlled silicification and desilicification in a tectonically active basin. Lowe, David; Arnott, Rwc; Desantis, Edward; Conliffe, James Jan 1, 2021 406
Crestal faulting: a source of trap integrity loss and gas migration in the Migrant Structure, Sable Delta, Offshore Nova Scotia. Martyns-Yellowe, Kenneth T.; Wach, Grant D.; Richards, Frank W.; Watson, Neil Jan 1, 2021 427
Seismic Response Analysis and Control of Frame Structures with Soft First Storey under Near-Fault Ground Motions. Liu, Chunyang; Sun, Peng; Shi, Ruofan Technical report Apr 30, 2020 5890
Interpretation of lineaments and faults near Summerville, South Carolina, USA, using LiDAR data: implications for the cause of the 1886 Charleston, South Carolina, earthquake. Marple, Ronald T.; Hurd, James D. Report Jan 1, 2020 7699
Three-Dimensional Analysis of Complex Rock Slope Stability Affected by Fault and Weak Layer Based on FESRM. Li, Yang; Yu, Ling; Song, Weidong; Yang, Tianhong Report Dec 31, 2019 6755
Influence of Fault on the Surrounding Rock Stability for a Mining Tunnel: Distance and Tectonic Stress. Zhang, Zhiqiang; Chen, Fangfang; Li, Ning; He, Mingming Technical report Jul 31, 2019 7136
Moonquakes Rumbling on the Lunar Surface: "[The] faults are... active and likely producing moonquakes today as the moon continues to gradually cool and shrink. Some of these quakes can be fairly strong--around five on the Richter scale.". Steigerwald, Bill; Jones, Nancy Jul 1, 2019 1193
Post-Devonian movement on the Fredericton Fault and tectonic activity in the New Brunswick Platform, central New Brunswick, Canada. Park, Adrian E.; Hinds, Steven J. Report Jan 1, 2019 11071
LIDAR and other evidence for the southwest continuation and Late Quaternary reactivation of the Norumbega Fault System and a cross-cutting structure near Biddeford, Maine, USA. Marple, Ronald T.; Hurd, James D., Jr. Report Jan 1, 2019 9641
Fractal characteristics of reservoir structural fracture: a case study of Xujiahe Formation in central Yuanba area, Sichuan Basin/Caracteristicas fractales de fracturas estructurales de yacimientos: caso de estudio de la Formacion Xujiahe en el area central de Yuanba, cuenca de Sichuan. Fan, Cunhui; Qin, Qirong; Hu, Dongfeng; Wang, Xiaolei; Zhu, MengYue; Huang, Wei; Li, Yuxi; Ashraf, M Case study Jun 1, 2018 4524
Scientists predict Africa will split into two continents. Brief article May 1, 2018 145
Exact Location of the Fault. Stone, Hillery R. Poem Mar 22, 2018 323
Diffraction Characteristics of Small Fault ahead of tunnel face in coal roadway/Caracteristicas de difraccion de falla pequena en la calzada de carbon de un tunel. Wang, Bo; Liu, Shengdong; Zhou, Fubao; Zhang, Jun; Zheng, Fangkun Report Jun 1, 2017 3006
San Andreas has neighbor. Sumner, Thomas Brief article Nov 12, 2016 170
Recent relative vertical movements in the tectonic zone of the Sudety Mts. Kaczmarek, Adrian; Cacon, Stefan; Weigel, Josef Report Apr 1, 2016 3248
Polarization migration of three-component reflected waves under small migration aperture condition. Wang, Bo; Liu, Shengdong; Zhou, Fubao; Lu, Tuo; Huang, Lanying; Gao, Yingjie Report Jan 1, 2016 3740
Strain Rate Analysis on the Cankiri-Bingol Segment of the North Anatolian Fault in Turkey/Analisis de la Velocidad de Deformacion en el Segmento Cankiri-Bingol de la Falla de Anatolia del Norte, Turquia. Yavasoglu, Hakan Report Dec 1, 2015 7722
Behavior of circular tunnels crossing active faults. Varnusfaderani, Mahsa Gharizade; Golshani, Aliakbar; Nemati, Reza Report Oct 1, 2015 6562
Faulting the Lunar Crust: subtle cracks and creases betray shifts in the lunar landscape. Wood, Charles A. Apr 1, 2015 1070
Application of the precision levelling method to evaluate the vertical movements within eastern part of the Elbe Fault System (SW Poland, Western Sudetes). Jamroz, Olgierd; Badura, Janusz; Makolski, Krzysztof Report Oct 1, 2014 3131
Earthquake faults may heal quickly: Southern China saw speedy recovery after big quake. Wayman, Erin Jul 27, 2013 356
Faults weakened by nearby quakes: simulation could explain how quiet zones can awaken. Wayman, Erin Feb 9, 2013 478
Estimation of recurrence interval of large earthquakes on the central Longmen Shan fault zone based on seismic moment accumulation/release model. Ren, Junjie; Zhang, Shimin Report Jan 1, 2013 5204
Fault still sliding years after quake: creeping movement underscores seismic danger to Istanbul. Witze, Alexandra Brief article Nov 17, 2012 227
The Upper Silesian Coal Basin fault zone as a region of high-risk operations. Roman, Stanislaw Report Apr 1, 2012 2480
Seismicity, groundwater level variations and earth tides in the Hronov-Porici fault zone, Czech Republic. Kolinsky, Petr; Valenta, Jan; Gazdova, Renata Report Apr 1, 2012 8191
Lessons from Fukushima: what have scientists learned about the causes and consequences of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan? Kostel, Ken Mar 22, 2012 4057
Karakorum fault slip-rate seems to be constant along strike over the last 200 ka. Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 397
How the paradoxal Longmen Shan belt has been built: through new petrological structural geochronological data? Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 1435
The Indus-Yarlung Zangbo ophiolite belt: A Mariana arc-backarc system analog. Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 397
Indosinian epoch collsional orogenic belt in the Lhasa terrane, Tibet: geochronology, distribution and evolution. Li Hua-Qi, Xu Zhi-Qin, Yang Jing-Sui and Tang Zhe-Min Report Dec 31, 2011 591
Spatial and Temporal Variation in Slip Rate along the Kongur Normal Fault, Chinese Pamir. Report Dec 31, 2011 1298
Cenozoic Bimodal Volcanic Rocks of the Northeast boundary of Tibet Plateau: implication for the collision-deduced mantle flow in Tibetan Plateau and the rifting genesis of North- south tectonic belt. Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 546
A Magnetotelluric Study of the Altyn-Tagh Fault in the North Margin of the Tibetan Plateau. Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 954
3D monitoring of active fault structures in the Krupnik-Kresna seismic zone, SW Bulgaria. Dobrev, Nikolai Report Oct 1, 2011 5777
Fault slips recorded in the Strasin Cave (SW Bohemian Massif). Stemberk, Josef; Hartvich, Filip Report Oct 1, 2011 3822
The identification of faults using morphostructural and geophysical methods: a case study from Strasin Cave site. Hartvich, Filip; Valenta, Jan Report Oct 1, 2011 6935
Geodynamic reactions to recent tectonic events observed on selected sites monitored in Slovakia. Petro, L'ubomir; Kostak, Blahoslav; Stemberk, Josef; Vlcko, Jan Report Oct 1, 2011 5744
Floods may have triggered quakes: geologists find evidence for natural disaster one-two punch. Powell, Devin Jul 30, 2011 272
Fast Earth fault location by analysing the character of the initial processes/Izemejimo vietos nustatymas pagal pirmines charakteristikas. Gudzius, S.; Karaliute, U.; Markevicius, L.A.; Morkvenas, A.; Miliune, R. Report May 1, 2011 2308
Nuclear power plant sites: maps of seismic hazards and population centers. Andrews, Anthony Report Mar 1, 2011 1706
Inside the Haiti quake. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 185
Site amplification factor at Mardan, Pakistan. Ahmad, Irshad; Waseem, Muhammad Author abstract Dec 31, 2010 297
Geophysical modeling of a part of Potwar (Missa Keswal) area by using seismic and well data. MonaLisa; Satti, Iftikhar Ahmed Author abstract Dec 31, 2010 200
Thin skin tectonic study based on gravity along the western limb of Hazara Kashmir Syntaxis, Muzaffarabad and adjoining areas, Sub Himalayas, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Mughal, Muhammad Saleem; Khan, Muhammad Rustam; Baig, Mirza Shahid; Khan, Muhammad Sabir; Pervez, Sh Report Dec 31, 2010 348
Salt tectonics of the Karoli area, Central Salt Range, Sub-Himalayas, Pakistan. Nizami, Abdur Rauf; Bhatti, Zahid Imran; Shahbaz, Arslan; Qayyum, Abdul; Pirzada, Tahir Shahzad Report Dec 31, 2010 348
Learning to live with earthquakes. Lin, Jian Jun 1, 2010 1025
Structure and permeability of deep-seated rocks in the Kola Superdeep Borehole section (SG-3). Gorbatsevich, Felix F.; Ikorsky, Serafim V.; Zharikov, Andrey V. Report Apr 1, 2010 5016
Celtic loan deal shows fault line in Keane's top tier career. Feb 9, 2010 720
Haiti warned to brace for another big quake. Feb 2, 2010 616
New ocean to split Ethiopia? A gigantic rift broke open the desert ground in Ethiopia in 2005, and now scientists have found proof that it is the first step in a process that will split eastern Ethiopia and Somalia from the African continent by a new ocean, reports Afrol News. Afrol Dec 1, 2009 976
Scientists find fault off coast. Oct 27, 2009 570
Slow-moving faults may help protect some cities against destructive quakes. Aug 29, 2009 440
Research on the marginal sudetic fault activity with use of GPS and precise leveling techniques. Kaplon, Jan; Cacon, Stefan Report Jul 1, 2009 2021
Recent vertical movements in the Wroclaw section of the Middle Odra Fault Zone. Grzempowski, Piotr; Badura, Janusz; Cacon, Stefan; Przybylski, Boguslaw Report Jul 1, 2009 4132
A Palace on the Fault Line. Apr 27, 2009 707
Statistical evaluation of the 3d monitoring of displacements of Dinaric Fault Zone in Postojna Cave, Slovenia. Sebela, Stanka; Turk, Janez; Mulec, Janez; Kostak, Blahoslav; Stemberk, Josef Report Apr 1, 2009 4807
Increased seismic activity in Iran could affect fault zones in UAE. Sep 12, 2008 567
Rock detective: can you identify different types of faults? Sep 1, 2008 714
Local seismicity at the Hronov-Porici fault (Eastern Bohemia). Malek, Jiri; Broz, Milan; Stejskal, Vladimir; Strunc, Jaroslav Report Apr 1, 2008 2490
Tectonic pattern of the Hronov-Porici trough as seen from pole-dipole geoelectrical measurements. Valenta, Jan; Stejskal, Vladimir; Stepancikova, Petra Report Apr 1, 2008 4087
Natural radioactivity of rocks occurring in the contact zone of the Karkonosze massif with the Szklarska Poreba schist belt. Bieda, Aleksandra; Lizurek, Grzegorz Report Apr 1, 2008 2911
Finding fault: trace of old subduction zone found in Italy. Perkins, Sid Feb 9, 2008 489
The Sudetic Marginal Fault: a young morphophotectonic feature at the NE margin of the Bohemian massif, Central Europe. Badura, Janusz; Zuchiewicz, Witold; Stepancikova, Petra; Przybylski, Boguslaw; Kontny, Bernard; Caco Report Oct 1, 2007 9468
Results of two-years' seismo-hydrological monitoring in the area of the Hronov-Porici fault zone, Western Sudetes. Stejskal, Vladimir; Skalsky, Lumir; Kasparek, Ladislav Report Oct 1, 2007 8651
Mineralogy of the clay gouge on Prague fault. Hajek, Pavel; Stastny, Martin Report Jul 1, 2007 2407
3D monitoring of active faults and slope movements in three Bulgarian sites included in cost 625 project. Dobrev, Nikolai; Avramova-Tacheva, Elka Report Jan 1, 2007 4039
3-D trend of aseismic creep along active faults in western part of the Gulf of Corinth, Greece. Stemberk, Josef; Kostak, Blahoslav Report Jan 1, 2007 5908
Monitoring active structures in eastern Corinth Gulf (Greece): the Kaparelli fault. Ganas, Athanassios; Bosy, Jaroslaw; Petro, Lubomir; Drakatos, George; Kontny, Bernard; Stercz, Maria Report Jan 1, 2007 3548
Multi-disciplinary investigations of active faults in the Julian Alps, Slovenia. Cunningham, Dickson; Gosar, Andrej; Kastelic, Vanja; Grebby, Stephen; Tansey, Kevin Report Jan 1, 2007 2165
Electromagnetic monitoring in geodynamic active areas. Stanica, Dumitru; Stanica, Maria Report Jan 1, 2007 3336
New age and petrological constraints on Lower Silesian basaltoids, SW Poland. Badura, Janusz; Pecskay, Zoltan; Koszowska, Ewa; Wolska, Anna; Zuchiewicz, Witold; Przybylski, Bogus Report Jul 1, 2005 4410
Geodynamic studies of the Pieniny Klippen Belt in the Czorsztyn-region in 2001-2003. Czarnecki, Kazimierz; Barlik, Marcin; Czarnecka, Krystyna; Olszak, Tomasz; Pachuta, Andrzej; Szpunar Report Jul 1, 2005 1418
The Romeral Fault System: a shear and deformed extinct subduction zone between oceanic and continental lithospheres in northwestern South America. Chicangana, German Jun 1, 2005 10126
Hidden hazard. Jango-Cohen, Judith Apr 18, 2005 185
First steps for monitoring on possibly active fault zone in East Rhodopes, Bulgaria. Dobrev, Nikolai; Varbanov, Radoslav; Matova, Margarita; Frangov, Georgi; Drakatos, George; Kostak, B Report Jan 1, 2005 2645
Monitoring of strain accumulation along active faults in the eastern Gulf of Corinth: instruments and network setup. Drakatos, George; Petro, L'ubomir; Ganas, Athanassios; Melis, Nicholas; Kostak, Blahoslav; Kontny, B Report Jan 1, 2005 2745
Geodetic deformation monitoring in Zafarraya fault and Sierra Tejeda antiform (Spain): status report. Gil, Antonio J.; Galindo-Zaldivar, Jesus; Borque, Maria Jesus; Marin-Lechado, Carlos; Ruano, Patrici Report Jan 1, 2005 1707
Current results from 3-D monitoring of active faults in the Western Carpathians. Petro, L'ubomir; Polascinova, Erika; Stercz, Marian; Kostak, Blahoslav Report Jan 1, 2005 2616
Active tectonic structures in the W part of Slovenia--setting of micro-deformation monitoring net. Sebela, Stanka; Gosar, Andrej; Kostak, Blahoslav; Stemberk, Josef Report Jan 1, 2005 2876
All shook up! Oct 11, 2004 182
The Sudetic marginal fault between Bila Voda and Lipova Lazne. Skacel, Jaroslav Report Jul 1, 2004 1517
Is the Sudetic Marginal Fault still active? Results of the GPS monitoring 1996-2002. Kontny, Bernard Report Jul 1, 2004 1458
Newly identified faults inside the volcanic complex of the Ceske stredohori Mts., Ohre/Eger Graben, North Bohemia. Cajz, Vladimir; Adamovic, Jiri; Rapprich, Vladislav; Valigursky, Leos Report Apr 1, 2004 5587
Newfound fault may explain quakes. Perkins, Sid Brief Article Jan 3, 2004 278
Alleghanian faulting in the southern Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec. Jutras, P.; Prichonnet, G.; McCutcheon, S. Nov 1, 2003 6179
Finding faults: grades 7-12. (Scientific Noations). Feb 1, 2003 1337
Whose fault is it now? (Between Tears & Laughter). Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 131
A sleepy fault wakes and reveals new links. (Shaked Alaska). Marzuola, C. Nov 16, 2002 560
Evidence for post-Acadian through Alleghanian deformation in eastern Maine: multiple brittle reactivation of the Norumbega fault system. Wang, Chunzeng; Ludman, Allan Mar 1, 2002 10353
Finding fault for an old earthquake. (Earth Science). Brief Article Jan 12, 2002 260
Southeastern Alaska is on the rebound. (Earth Science: from San Francisco, at the 2001 fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union). Brief Article Jan 5, 2002 221
Geophysical Investigation of a Third Order Splay of the Simms Mountain Fault Zone in Cape Girardeau, Mo. (Geology Section). Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 186
Pinning L.A. quakes down to a fault. Brief Article Mar 20, 1999 437
San Andreas fault provides hazard clues. Brief Article Jun 1, 1998 488
California's quake deficit fades. Monastersky, R. Brief Article Mar 21, 1998 487
The interaction between revegetation strategies and major fault zones. Clarke, C.J.; Mauger, G.W.; Bell, R.W.; Hobbs, R.J. Jan 1, 1998 5665
The San Andreas' secret helpers. Monastersky, Richard Brief Article Jul 26, 1997 407
Earthquakes: the deadly side of geometry. Monastersky, Richard Jan 4, 1997 624
Mongolian quake lessons for Los Angeles. Brief Article Aug 10, 1996 340
Central U.S. risk higher than thought. Brief Article Aug 1, 1996 410
How underwater earthquakes form. Brief Article Jun 1, 1996 544
Why California's coast fell into the ocean. Brief Article Jun 1, 1996 376
Finding fault with Midwest seismic maps. Monastersky, Richard Apr 6, 1996 598
Eastern quakes recycle old faults. Brief Article Mar 4, 1995 232
Seattle's slippery underside. Brief Article Dec 24, 1994 203
Fishing for faults in L.A. Brief Article Oct 15, 1994 194
Faults found at Nevada nuclear waste site. Monastersky, Richard May 14, 1994 669
Earthquakes and faults. Asimov, Isaac Reference Source Jan 1, 1994 107
Drilling into the San Andreas Fault. Dec 1, 1993 382
Fastest fault in the world? Monastersky, Richard Brief Article Jun 12, 1993 145
California faults unleash week of turmoil. Monastersky, Richard May 2, 1992 869
Ancient quakes signal future Northwest risk. Monastersky, Richard Jan 11, 1992 458
Little-known fault poses quake risk. Monastersky, Richard Jan 4, 1992 193
Cracking open the center of a temblor. Monastersky, Richard Mar 30, 1991 444
Christmas quake presents geologic gift. Monastersky, Richard Mar 16, 1991 599
Pinpointing Utah's seismic threats. Monastersky, Richard Dec 22, 1990 221
Quakes pose greater threat to Bay Area. Monastersky, Richard Jul 28, 1990 613
Potential signs of an underground killer. Monastersky, R. Apr 21, 1990 465
Earthquake leaves Bay area still vulnerable. Monastersky, R. Oct 21, 1989 675
Powerful quake shakes South Pacific. Monastersky, R. Jun 3, 1989 575
Active faults buried under Los Angeles. Monastersky, Richard Dec 24, 1988 239
Slip-sliding away the rough edges. Monastersky, Richard Oct 1, 1988 480
Getting to the bottom of the San Andreas. Weisburd, Stefi Jan 31, 1987 760
Quake potential off the San Andreas. Weisburd, Sterfi May 3, 1986 712
A century after the Charleston quake. Weisburd, Stefi Apr 26, 1986 876
Seismic waves trapped in a fault. Jan 4, 1986 305
A fault of youth; new scientific ground was broken when geologists finally noticed that the Meers fault is young - much younger than any other surface rupture east of the Rockies. Weisburd, Stefi Jun 8, 1985 2137

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