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Fatimah The Virtue of Creation.

TEHRAN (FNA)- There is no lineage in the earth higher than the lineage of Fatimah, the principal of the women of the worlds.

Her father

The father of Fatimah (PBUH) is the master of the creation and the chief of mankind who had opened the horizons of intellect and light, and established the civilization that had saved man from the abysses of sins and superstitions that he had sunk in. Her father was a treasure from the treasures of Allah and a gift from Him for His people to teach them the Book and wisdom, though they were, before him, ignorant and in manifest error.

Her mother

The mother of Fatimah (PBUH) was Khadijah bint Khuwaylid who was called as "the mistress of the women of Quraysh" in the pre-Islamic era, and "the Mother of the Believers" in Islam. She was from a noble, honored, glorious house. She met with the Prophet (PBUH) in Qusay, the name of a man who was the fourth grandfather of the Prophet (PBUH) and the third grandfather of her, and this lineage ended to Prophet Abraham (PBUH). No woman from Quraysh was like her in her high position and lofty rank. She was the first spark in the great Islamic Revolution that spread light everywhere and destroyed the forts of atheism and polytheism.

The gifts of Allah on Khadijah

Allah the Almighty had endowed Khadijah with gifts that no any other one of the Prophet's wives had been endowed with. From the great gifts of Allah to her was that Allah had made her the mother of the best woman Allah had ever created in the earth since the beginning of the creation until the Day of Resurrection; Fatimah (PBUH) the principal of the women of the worlds, and made her the grandmother of the two grandson of the Prophet (PBUH), two infallible imams, and two masters of the youth of Paradise; Imam al-Hassan and Imam al-Hossein (peace be on them), and the grandmother of Lady Zaynab, the first wronged and oppressed woman in Islam. Allah had made Khadijah the grandmother of the infallible imams who were the authorities on His people. These heavenly gifts that Khadijah had been endowed with had not been given to any woman other than her at all.

Date of her birth

She was born five years after the prophethood of her father and three years after his ascension to the Heaven on the twentieth of Jumada al-Aakhirah, and it was Friday. Also historians were different about the date of Fatimah's birth.

Place of her birth

Fatimah (PBUH) was born in Mecca in the house of Khadijah. The house was near the Lane of Perfumers, and now it is a mosque.

Her name

The Prophet (PBUH) named his newborn daughter as Fatimah. It was like the name of Imam Ali's mother. It is related to the Ahlul Bayt (PBUH) that once, Imam Ali (PBUH) asked the Prophet (PBUH), 'O messenger of Allah, why did you name Fatimah so?'

The Prophet (PBUH) said, 'Because she and her followers are weaned from Fire.

Her upbringing

Fatimah (PBUH) was brought up by her father, the master of all creation. He fed her with his talents and mentality. He taught her the Quran and all things about the verses of verdicts, the causes of the revelation of verses, and other things concerning the Quran. He educated her with the rulings of Sharia, the nobilities of character, and high morals and principles. He up brought her on the sincere faith in Allah, the Creator of the universe, and Giver of life.

Fatimah; the principal of women

Fatimah az-Zahra' (PBUH) was different from all women in her high qualities and noble characteristics that took her to the highest rank of virtue and perfection. She was an example of her father's morals and mentality. She resembled him in his deep faith in Allah the Almighty, asceticism, and refraining from pleasures of this life. Here, we talk about some of Fatimah's characteristics.

Fatimah is seen as the ideal model of womanhood. She was daughter to the Prophet (PBUH), wife to Ali [(PBUH), the first Shiite Imam and Prophet's successor, and the fourth caliph], and mother (to Hassan ibn Ali and Hossein ibn Ali, the second and third Shiite Imams, and to Zaynab bint Ali that may the peace and blessing of The Almighty be upon them). She was ideally dedicated to the defining roles of wifehood and motherhood and, at the same time, assimilating the autonomous and assertive qualities that are sometimes associated with her daughter, Zaynab (in the latter regard, Fatimah is particularly noted for her tragic leadership in the brief interval between her father's passing away and her own, during which, both her husband's right to Caliphate, and her own inheritance-the garden of Fadak-were forcefully taken away).

In Iran, Mother's Day is celebrated on 20 Jumada al-thani. This is the sixth month in the Islamic calendar (a lunar calendar) and every year the holiday falls on a different day of the Gregorian calendar. This is the birthday anniversary of Fatimah, Prophet Mohammad's (PBUH) only daughter.


Fatimah (PBUH) was infallible, and this is an indisputable fact. Allah had purified her from every sin and every defect, and endowed her with all virtues to make her an example for all the women of the world. She was an ideal example in faith, worship, chastity, purity, charity, and kindness to the poor and the deprived.

Proofs on her infallibility

The verse of purification; Allah has said, "Allah only desires to keep away the uncleanness from you, O people of the House, and to purify you a (thorough) purifying." (33:33).

The People of the House (the Ahlul Bayt) were Ali, Fatimah, al-Hassan, and al-Houssein (PBUT). The verse clearly proves the infallibility and purity of these persons from every sin and vices. Allah had chosen these people to be examples for His people and guides to His obedience and blessedness. It is impossible for Allah to give sinners or guilty people this gift.

The virtues of Fatimah

Fatimah is the most gracious Lady that the world has known and seen so far-! All the friends and all the enemies of Islam, are wont to admit to her numerous virtues and to her great wisdom. Fatimah is so full of magnificence, innocence and greatness, and possesses such a high rank in the Divine Hierarchy, that God has promised Himselfto save all those who truly love Fatimah, from Hell, and to bestow upon these faithful believers, all the Benedictions that come forth from the adoration of the Angels towards Himself.

In the Eyes of God, Fatimah possesses such magnitude and such closeness to the Divine Love that God has named her: the most Dignified Lady among all other women in the whole world - This divine title, means that she is not only a perfect human being, but that she also has links with the great entities of Islam.

Thus, God Almighty has promised Himself that whenever Fatimah Becomes angry at someone, God Himself shall be angry at that person, and whoever shall rejoice her, shall also rejoice God.

The most brilliant creation

God Almighty appeared to man a hidden gem. His Providence had decided to create a human creature on Earth, who would be His rightful heir. So, To show His Might and Power, and to create the most noble creature who would be His trustful servant, and the keeper of His Knowledge, He created the five " Holy Ones ". Among these five Holy creatures, on the Heavenly plane, Fatimah az-Zahra (PBUH) was the most beautiful creation among all the other creations.

In an authentic Hadis, it is said:" O Ahmad! If it weren't for thee, I would never have created Heavens and Earth, and if it weren't for Ali, I would never have created thee, and if it weren't for Fatimah, I would never have created you two-"

Yes- It is true that Fatimah was an Angel- A most beautiful angel, who for a while, clothed herself with the clothes of a human, so it is not so strange when God says:" We gave you Kowssar! So, respect your God with your prayer, give an offering, for he who is your enemy, will not have any progeny-" [Al-Kowssar, 1-3].

Date of her demise

Following the Farewell Pilgrimage of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) (the last and only Hajj pilgrimage that the dear Prophet participated in) he summoned Fatimah and informed her that he would die soon, and also told her that she would be the next of his household to die. After Prophets's subsequent passing, Fatimah was grief-stricken and remained so until she herself died less than six months later, on 3th, Jumada al-Aakhirah.

Imam Bagher (PBUH) has been reported to say:" This is the pure Tree of our Prophet; and its trunk is represented by Ali, while its root are represented by Fatimah, and its fruit are Fatimah's Progeny, and finally its leaves and blossoms are none others than the Shiites of Fatimah-"

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