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Fatigue Detection System.

The HxGN MineProtect Operators Alertness System Light Vehicle (OAS-LV) is a fatigue- and distraction-detection unit that continuously monitors operator alertness inside the cab of light vehicles. The system expands Hexagon's portfolio for operator safety solutions, filling a gap to protect light-vehicle operators from falling asleep at the wheel, crashing or other fatigue or distraction-related incidents. The product is based on the proven technology used for OAS-HV, which protects operators of haul trucks.

"Operator fatigue and distraction are recurring hazards in mining and other industries," said Ola Rollen, president and CEO, Hexagon. "OAS-LV is a valuable addition to our market-leading MineProtect safety portfolio and further proof that Hexagon--like its customers--is serious about safety."

The solution's in-cab device is easy to install and scans the operator's face to detect any sign of fatigue or distraction, such as a microsleep. A machine-learning algorithm leverages this facial-feature analysis data to determine whether or not an alert should be triggered. OAS-LV works in both light and dark conditions, and through prescription glasses and/or sunglasses.

The in-cab hardware is always connected, and data from the vehicle may be transmitted to the cloud or an on-site monitoring center. This enables real-time notifications for supervisors and controllers to apply intervention protocol and allow for further forensic analytics.

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Publication:Coal Age (1996)
Date:Jun 1, 2019
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