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Fathers Glendinning and Russell.

London, ON--On March 22, the Toronto Star reported that Fr. Barry Glendinning, formerly of London and now a liturgist who teaches summer courses at St. Paul's University in Ottawa, (see "The Orator and liturgists" in News in Brief Apr 00, pp.30-31), is being sued by a family of three brothers and a sister, together with their parents. Fr. Glendinning was convicted in London of six counts of gross indecency in 1974. The family is suing him, the Catholic diocese of London, and the London Catholic School Board for $11.6 million.

Peterborough--On March 18 the Peterborough Examiner reported that Fr. William Russell of Toronto was arrested on March 14 and charged with indecent assault and gross indecency against a teenage boy in 1974. He appeared in Peterborough Court on March 28.

Father Russell taught a mandatory Catholic religion course to incoming Catholic teachers at the Ontario Institute for the Study of Education, University of Toronto, for a number of years. He was featured in our article critical of Catholic Teachers' education in Toronto, entitled "Stones for bread," Jan/Feb 1998, pp 13-17. His current position is director of Catholic education for the Ontario Catholic School Trustees' Association.
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Title Annotation:Catholic priests sued for indecent acts committed against teenagers
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Date:May 1, 2000
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