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FATHERHOOD We celebrate dads on Father's Day this month. This reflection is from a new book of meditations for dads:

"Children learn about God from their parents--not just in the sense of theology lessons, but even more in the way parents act.

"If, as a father, you're heavy on judgment and discipline, that's the sort of God your children will imagine. If you give a lot of hugs, they'll think of a huggable God.

"It's the same with love.

"If you're warm and caring and open and attentive, well, that's the kind of adult your kids are likely to grow up to be."

(Patrick T. Reardon, Love Never Foils: Spiritual Reflections for Dads of All Ages, ACTA Publications)
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Title Annotation:celebrates its Father's Day
Author:Reardon, Patrick T.
Publication:U.S. Catholic
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Date:Jun 1, 2006
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