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Fatal Paradoxes.

Fatal Paradoxes

   If we lie to Congress, it's a felony,
   if Congress lies to us, it's politics.
   It's quite humorous, even funny!

   To rehabilitate hardened criminals,
   we spend millions, likely billions,
   practically nothing on their victims.

   We teach tolerance in our schools,
   that homosexuality is quite okay,
   but praying to God's only for fools.

   We can kill a fetus, an unborn child,
   but we cannot execute murderers.
   Rapists in the courts seem so mild.

   Was it Republican Conservatives
   who rescued us from Communism
   for Socialism and/or Progressives?

   We can control borders in Korea,
   holding the 38th parallel unto death,
   but not our borders from Mexico.

   You protest Obama you're terrorist
   but to burn Bush or our flag in effigy
   is a right to protest without arrest.

   We can have pornography on TV
   or the Internet, but for Christmas
   no scenes in the park of Nativity.

   Politicians refer to our Constitution,
   usually to support their ideologies,
   always into problems, not solutions.

   Only when we're politically correct
   do we still have freedom of speech,
   which is fluff or red herring rhetoric.

   Land of freedom and opportunity
   has become a welfare of handouts,
   for parasites who thrive on self-pity.

   How does Congress handle a crisis?
   At least before our taxes are raised,
   they fault-find and form committees.

   These are dramatics for re-election,
   campaign funds from sly lobbyists,
   using their constitutional protection...

Lenny Emmanuel (USA)

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Author:Emmanuel, Lenny
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jan 1, 2013
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