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Fat lot of good this cheesy row does.

THERE is a particular to being a politician and that is the picking of the pointless fight.

Firstly, it gets your name in print.

Secondly, if you pick the right

fight, it's one that no one will expect you to win, but, even better, one that they can't check whether you've won or not.

Thirdly it shows you sticking up for your constituents, even if they were never really in any danger anyway.

Witness the brave words issuing from Ceredigion MP Mark Williams over Ofcom's ban on junk food advertising.

Now, this ban was aimed at stopping burger chains hypnotising our children into eating burgers as big as their heads, but in defining junk food, Ofcom have caught up cheesemakers, because cheese has got a lot of fat in it.

Well, sorry to break this to you cheesemakers, but it has.

You try making fat-free cheese and you would be selling big blocks of nothing.

North and Mid-Wales is home to many cheese dairies, but correct me if I'm wrong - and as father of a three-year-old who is just beginning to fall under the influence of the idiot lantern, I don't think I am - I don't remember many North Wales dairies hawking their delicious wares on prime time TV.

That is unless their product was the slice of gloopy cheese in a cheeseburger being hawked by an American megaburger chain. I can't see the boards of directors of the aforementioned Welsh dairies glumly looking at their sales figures and saying: "If only we could lavish millions on TV adverts and nab the slots in children's hour, they'd be pestering their mum to slip half a kilo of our traditional farmhouse-matured cheddar in with the crisps and cola. "We'd be quids in, if it wasn't for that pesky Ofcom."
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 16, 2007
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