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Fat Beth ..big but not clever.


THE unashamedly overweight Beth Ditto, hairy armpits and all, poses naked on the front of the current New Musical Express - and proves that big isn't always necessarily beautiful.

Why is it women like Ditto - obviously so unhappy and so messed up she spends half her life stuffing her face with doughnuts - make a career out of shoving their fat in our faces and turning it into a feminist/political issue.

She has predictably claimed the magazine shoot is in protest at Size Zero models. Yeah, and I'll bet if she was offered the chance of waking up tomorrow as a Size 10, she'd rip your arm off.

The fact is, Ditto likes her grub and is too lazy and too greedy to see that not only does she look a fright, she's putting her health at risk and making other young girls think its OK to do the same.

Because if being a Size Zero is dangerous then being Beth Ditto's size is twice as dangerous. And her fame (or is it infamy?) isn't based on how good a singer she is, it's because every time she appears in public she always looks like a bloody great heffalump in a skirt two sizes too small.

"It's always women who are the victims," she says of the pressure on women to be thin.

I'm sorry, but I used to be fat and while I was unhappy about it, I didn't feel like a victim because I knew perfectly well my size was my fault and a direct result of what I put into my mouth.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 3, 2007
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