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The hand pneumatic inserter from Yardley Products Corp. can install the company's metric inserts in wood and particleboard. Features include "finger-tip" control action-forward and reverse, and acceptance of inserts with internal thread sizes ranging from 2.5mm to 6mm, the company says. Circle #331

A broad variety of pneumatic nailers, staplers and fasteners are available from Stanley-Bostitch. The Bostitch model N7OC heavy duty coil nailer holds up to 300 nails in sizes ranging from 1 3/4, in. to 2 3/4 in. for building wood pallets and crates. Other guns can be used for furniture, upholstery and mattress construction, the company says. Circle #332

The model 1605:02 plate joiner from Skil Corp. is a 6-amp, 12,000 rpm tool that uses wooden biscuits for wood joining. Features include a double ball bearing blade support, three-position depth stop, depth-of-cut indicator and highlighted scales. A large dust bag, on-tool wrench storage, lock-on switch and 8-ft cord are also included. Circle #333

The new line of pneumatic fastening tools from Jet Equipment and Tools Inc. include hand, brad, coil roofing and framing nailers, as well as staplers for a variety of jobs. Circle #334

ITW Paslode manufactures a variety of corrugated fastener drivers, portable nailers and portable staplers for the woodworking industry, the company says. Circle #335

The model SDN 18BR pneumatic brad nailer from Stan-Tech Fastening Products Inc. can handle a wide variety of light fastening jobs, the company says. Weighing 2 3/4 lbs, the nailer can hold 100 brads and can nail mouldings, trim, mill work and other pieces. Circle #336

The PowerPlus SKS medium-duty pneumatic stapler from Senco Products Inc. is available for a variety of woodworking applications, the company says. The tool is offered in a series of models that drive staples with two different gauges and three different crown widths. Circle #337

The KB- 1836 pneumatic stapler from Duo-Fast Corp. weighs only 3 1/2 lbs and can drive heavy-wire, narrow crown staples from 3/4-in. through 1 1/8-in. in length. Equipped with a textured rubber grip and high capacity side-loading magazine, the stapler also has a two piece nose system that opens easily for jam clearing and fast cleaning. Circle #338

Stanley Fastening Systems offers a wide variety of fasteners that include fine, medium and heavy wire gauge staples, pins, brads and nails designed for maximum holding strength, the company says. Circle #339

The model 8030 Drill/Driver from Sioux Tool Inc. is the newest member of the 8000 series, is a dual mode tool, functioning as a 3/8-in. variable-speed, reversible drill and screwdriver. A keyless chuck allows quick changes from drill to screwdriver and back again. Circle #340

The stationary plate joiner from Delta Int'l Machinery Co. features a foot pedal control so both hands are free to control workpieces. The company adds the machine handles all types of joints in all three biscuit sizes. Circle #341

Hanger Bolt & Stud's 200 and 300 series Drill 'n Drive systems can be a cost effective solution for low to medium volume bolting of a wide variety of wood components, including table legs, pedestals, feet, bed posts, finials, balusters and fence post balltops, the company says. Circle #342

The Miter-Mite VN4-Electronic bottom nail assembly machine from AMP International has been designed for high-volume production. The machine is computer electronic controlled and can produce mitered corners on hardwood, softwood and MDF. Available in two or three position models, the company says the machine can be used in a variety of assembly operations. Circle #343


Once assembled, Mod-Eez fasteners, from Modular Systems Inc., stay hidden. The unique spring-steel design allows just enough give to resist torsion stress, yet retains the integrity of the joint, the company says. Circle #344

The Cam Lock Connection from Stafast Products Inc. are available in zinc diecast and economical plastic material. The stud is made of high quality steel for added tensile strength and are available in M4, M6 and lag thread. Circle #345

A glueless countertop connector from Adwood Corp. is reported to increase the strength of the joint by utilizing two hard plastic half circles and a connecting steel nut and bolt. Tightening the bolt distributes equal pressure, and assembly and disassembly of pieces using the fastener is reported to be easy. Circle #346

Wood jointing systems from Murakoshi are used not only for connectors, but also as elementary components. When drilled and screwed in, the pieces can be fitted with sufficient strength, the company says. Circle #347

Designed for face-to-face mounting, Troxi fasteners from Hafele require no tools for assembly or disassembly. The cams can be recessed with a standard 40mm drill bit, or they can be surface mounted. Parts are available in metal with a tensile strength of up to 300 lbs or in plastic with a tensile strength up to 110 lbs. Circle #348

The KLIX locking system from Titus Tool Co. Inc. is reported to feature recesses in the cam and teeth-like features in the dowel are manufactured to precise tolerances so that, once interlocked, they are prevented from working loose. Circle #349

A variety of fittings for the RTA furniture and cabinet manufacturer are available from Julius Blum Inc. The fittings are made of high-strength nylon and come in a variety of colors. Circle #350

Outwater Plastic/Industries offers EZ Mount, a fully concealed surface mount hinge that eliminates the need for using different hinge types on a cabinet or door job, the company says. It is adjustable from a 0 to 3/4-in. overlay and can also be utilized in both 3/8-in. inset and full inset applications. Circle #351

The Jumbo fastener from Knapp USA Inc. has been designed to sustain heavy loads and is fastened with two screws. The company says the fastener needs a 12mm groove that can be prepared with a milling machine or other suitable machines. Circle #352

Hettich America offers a variety of connective fittings, including: the Direkta, a universal one-piece connector; Taxtex 15, a compact sturdy connector that is easy to assemble due to the inclined position of the cam, and the Taxtex 25, featuring interior and exterior indentations that guarantee dual security, according to the company. Circle #353

The Luke fastener from BBI is reported to permit sections of countertops to be joined on-site rather than assembled at the shop, The fastener requires no machining of the top and can produce a smooth seam due to the threaded adjustment feature which allows both horizontal and vertical movement. Circle #354

Futura Fastening Systems' extruded aluminum corners are a patented system for building cabinets, displays and fixtures. Extrusions are available in a variety of finishes and colors. Circle #355

The Ensat 309 Series of thread cutting inserts from Precision Fasteners Inc. are designed for wood and other composition materials. The brass fasteners use self-tapping action to provide a permanent reusable thread in softer materials. The fasteners can be installed with a screwdriver or drill press with a tapping attachment. Circle #356

Groov-Pin offers Tap-Lok self-tapping, self-locking inserts for plastic, wood and metal. The inserts are available in a variety of forms and materials. Circle #357

Spirol blind nuts, developed for use in thin-walled blind holes, are available from C.E.M. Co. and replace rivet nuts, weld nuts, and snap-in fasteners. It consists of an aluminum nut housed in a tapered nylon cage wall and comes in UNC, UNF and metric thread sizes. Circle #358

Fiber-Sert inserts from Yardley Products Corp. are metal inserts that provide strong, permanent threads in wood and particleboard. Circle #359

A series of brass knife thread inserts for wood products, ideal for use in RTA applications, are available from E-Z LOK. Circle #360


Equality Screw Co. says its Sinker Screw for particleboard is designed with special nibs in the underside of the head that cut a recess for the head as the screw is driven. The screw can be set flush or well below the surface. Available in Phillips or square drive, the Sinker is case hardened, made of 1018 steel and plated in black oxide. Circle #361

The Recex wood screw from Pan American Screw is said to combine the advantages of a square-recessed head with a cross-slot head. Its head will not ream out and it is easier to use for rapid assembly speeds and greater plant productivity, according to the company. Circle #362

Parker Metal Corp. offers coarse-threaded power driver screws that are designed for outdoor projects with pressure-treated lumber, the company says. Featuring a galvanized finish, the screws are reported to provide optimum holding strength and do not require countersinking. Circle #363

R2 screws from Reisser are reported to have sharp points threads to bite instantly. The screws have a layer of Teflon for high slide ability and are corrosion resistant. Circle #364

Hexagon Industries Inc. says it is able to produce small standard screws in the U.S. at prices competitive with imports. Defect sorting for critical applications is available and the company offers fast delivery times. Circle #365

Coil-Scru screws from Quik Drive USA Inc. are Canadian-made screws that feature square drive heads that require less effort to drive and are reported to be more resistant to cam-out, the company says. Circle #366

Ragan Hardware Co. offers hardware and supplies for the furniture and related industries. Many products are available, including: nuts, bolts, points, braces and brackets. Circle #367

Liberty Hardware Mfg. Corp. offers KD bolts and inserts that can be used in particleboard, interior plywood, softwoods, hardboard and in butt joint fastening. Circle #368

Flat head screws from Naylor Industries Inc. offer nibs for countersinking, extra coarse threads, no spinout and a large inventory, the company says. Circle #369

Southern Imperial manufactures and stocks hanger bolts for quick delivery. Circle #370
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