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Fast pay-back claimed for large pipe start-up centring device.

An ultrasonic centring device intended to speed up the start-up of large diameter pipe extrusion has been developed by iNOEX of Germany.

Different temperatures inside the extrusion die influence the melt's flow behaviour which leads to irregular wall thicknesses around the circumference of the pipe. The bigger the diameter of the pipe, the more marked is this effect. It takes some time for the pipe to be measured and the extrusion die to be centred as line speed is low and mass throughput is high. And a lot of material can be consumed during this time.

The Ecco centring unit supplies data on wall thickness distribution immediately after production start which enables the die head to be centred straightaway. Ultrasonic sensors mounted on the calibration sleeve measure wall thickness distribution as the pipe is calibrated. Measuring data are evaluated and automatically displayed on a 10 inch monitor. Any variation in wall thickness distribution can be seen immediately and information is available on its exact location.

Sections which are too thin or too thick can be compensated through manual trimming of the extrusion die and the pipe can be centred after a few metres enabling production to be continued under the set conditions.

iNOEX says the fast start-up and reduced start-up scrap save costs to the extent that the system has a pay-back of only a few months.


Ecco can be retrofitted to a calibration sleeve or supplied in combination with the company's flexible Maxflexx calibration sleeve for changing exterior diameters to different pressure classes.
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Comment:Fast pay-back claimed for large pipe start-up centring device.(pipe & profile)
Publication:British Plastics & Rubber
Date:Jun 1, 2009
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