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Fast food and rubbish.

AS a neighbour of McDonald's Gallagher Retail Park Restaurant at Waterloo I was alarmed by the letter which they recently sent to houses in the vicinity suggesting they intend to apply for permission to extend their opening hours until midnight seven days a week.

In spite of their claims to be good neighbours and to make every effort to stop anti-social behaviour, including litter, all of us who live in the neighbourhood are well aware of the appalling increase in rubbish on local streets since the restaurant opened.

Because this restaurant has a drive-through clientele the litter spreads way beyond the immediate vicinity as customers with little or no social conscience consume their food on the go and then simply throw the rubbish from their cars. Thus, areas such as Fenay Lane, Lepton and Dalton also suffer.

For those neighbours who are somewhat nearer we find discarded boxes, wrappers and paper bags (all with the tell-tale golden arches), bottles, cans and cups on the road and pavements outside our homes on a daily basis. Sometimes rubbish is thrown directly into our gardens. I have never yet seen any of the so called "trash walkers" which the restaurant claims to send round and if they do, as claimed, they are remarkably ineffective.

The extra hour which McDonald's wishes to open can only be with the intention of attracting those who are coming out of pubs at closing time. This does not auger well for any improvement in social conscience and, I would suggest, the problem of litter will be greatly exacerbated, as will traffic noise. I might also add that, in the light of our current concerns over obesity, the calorie-rich products of McDonald's should be discouraged rather than made more available.

I hope that all local residents will object to this planned increase in hours to prevent further deterioration in our environment and our quality of life.

Stephanie Field Tandem, Huddersfield

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Apr 8, 2016
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