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Fast Facts: Recent Statistics from the Library Research Service, Numbers 266-282. January-December, 2009.

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Issues 266 through 282 of "Fast Facts" from the Library Research Service present data collected from libraries in Colorado and throughout the nation. Topics addressed in these "Fast Facts" from 2009 include interlibrary loan in academic libraries, public librarian salaries, book, newspaper, and periodical prices from 2004 to 2010, and results from the Value of the MLIS Degree survey. Also addressed in these brief reports are librarianship in Colorado's Department of Corrections, the return on investment for Colorado libraries, an evaluation of Colorado's, challenged materials in Colorado's public libraries in 2008, and the use of statewide databases in Colorado. The following "Fast Facts" titles from 2009 are included in this document: (1) Interlibrary Loan Among Academic Libraries--Ups and Downs in Colorado (Jamie Archuleta); (2) Colorado Public Librarian Salaries Keeping Pace with National Averages (Briana Hovendick); (3) Book, Newspaper, and Periodical Prices, 2004-2010 (Sean Lamborne); (4) Is it Worth It? The Perceived Value of an MLIS Degree (Nicolle Steffen and Zeth Lietzau); (5) In Your Own Words: The Value of an MLIS (Jamie Archuleta, Briana Hovendick, and Sean Lamborne); (6) What I Learned About the Value of an MLIS Degree: An LIS Student's Perspective (Briana Hovendick); (7) Out for Life: Restorative Librarianship in the Colorado Department of Corrections (Zeth Lietzau); (8) Colorado Libraries Return on Investment: 5 to 1 (Briana Hovendick); (9) Patrons Continue to Love CTBL Service (Jamie Archuleta); (10) Library Jobs in Colorado--What Does Tell Us? (Jamie Archuleta); (11) User Satisfaction with AskColorado Continues (Briana Hovendick); (12) Libraries and Librarians Feeling the Effects of Economic Slowdown (Briana Hovendick); (13) Challenged Materials in Colorado Public Libraries, 2008 (Jamie Daisey); (14) "ASK"--A National Campaign for Reference? (Sean Lamborne); (15) Web 2.0 and Colorado's PubLietzau); (16) State's Collaborative Environment Fosters Interlibrary Loan in Colorado (Jamie Daisey); and (17) Use of Statewide Databases Skyrockets in 2009: Library Patrons Benefit from Additional Databases and Training (Briana Hovendick and Nicolle Steffen). Individual "Fast Facts" contain charts, graphs, tables and references. [For "Fast Facts: Recent Statistics from the Library Research Service, No. 256-265, February-November 2008," see ED503941.

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Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Jan 1, 2009
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