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Fashion with a passion.

Connecting creativity and spirituality, the Reciprocity Foundation, a Brooklyn, New York-based gift and design organization, steers homeless youth toward careers in the design, media, and fashion industries. "Kids who survive the street are creative already," said Taz Tagore, executive director and founder told Sojourners, but they are "languishing in McDonald's-type jobs." The foundation trains youth living in transitional housing, giving them project-based experience--including designing and marketing holiday gift baskets--on the way to getting jobs or attending college.

"We view our work as a form of ministry," said Tagore, a Muslim-born designer who co-founded the project with Adam Bucko, a Catholic activist. The foundation gives the youth skills and connects them with a network of counselors, clergy, and spiritual directors. "Having a spiritual practice is core to being healthy, productive people," Tagore said.
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Date:Jun 1, 2006
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