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Fascists won in a skewed, flawed strike for free speech; PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: WHAT IT MEANS FOR FUTURE; COMMENT.


NO matter what happens, the sun will rise in the morning, President Barack Obama assured us ahead of Election Day.

And sure enough it did. Leaving many of us staggering around in shock and exhaustion having stayed up all night to watch Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton.

A blustering, alpha-male reality TV businessman with no political background beat a highly-qualified former First Lady with decades of experience and the calculated and forensic mind of a lawyer.

Like millions of others, I felt like that image on page one of the Irish Mirror of the Statue of Liberty with her head in her hands in anguish. How did this happen? Why?

But then, as Obama said, the day went on and so did life. I had a parents' association meeting to attend.

An issue was raised. A parent had complained about there being a page on Christmas in the kids' Christmas annual. A mention of the birth of Christ. In a book given out in a Catholic school.

Yet, in 2016, we are all expected to sit there and consider this whiny nonsense, as though it is perfectly normal and acceptable.

If you were to conjure up things to be offended about, you couldn't actually make this one up. And I thought: Poor Hillary. The best candidate lost - and this is why. Americans are not going to let in the Thought Police. They'd rather have Trump.

The Irish Mirror's front page So in a sad, misguided, backlash against the spread of enforced PC-thinking, the real fascists won in a world sick of the neo-liberal fascists, let away too long with trying to force people how to think.

It was a skewed, flawed strike for free speech.

There is arguably no greater freedom, and, tired of the enforced orthodoxy of zealots, the right rose up and voted in anger. I was wondering where it would all end, and it ended on November 8, 2016.

The cultural disease of making everything a matter of identity politics led to an uprising.

And the upshot: the leader of the free world - latest trophy wife at his side - is now a real sexist, a real racist, a real right-wing bully. Not an imagined one. It's a disaster.

It's bad enough here in Ireland, where we had the Free The Nipple campaign over the so-called injustice of it being socially acceptable for men to remove their tops but not women.

AN utterly juvenile attention-seeking whinge that makes no sense in an unprecedentedly sexually-free world in which Kim Kardashian posts naked selfies.

And crucially, it is one that distracts from the fact that women are the most oppressed group on the planet. One that gives feminism a bad name. In the US, it's worse. The right to transgender bathrooms was campaigned for as if it was the racial segregation of our era (it wasn't), and Bruce Springsteen cancelled concerts in North Carolina in protest at the state's Bathroom Law, which stated male and female toilets should be used by those with corresponding body parts. What did North Carolina say to that? It voted Trump. Satirical comic Dennis Miller went to a college campus in Washington State and asked students: Is there a difference between men and women? Nervously, most said, "No" or "There shouldn't be" so fearful were the cowed Millennials of actually stating a fact.

As Miller said afterwards: "When I was in college, all I could see WERE the differences."

Why should celebrating them be deemed socially wrong? How destructive is it to be raising a generation afraid to say what they think? It makes my blood boil. Mostly on behalf of those who have REAL matters to be offended by, suffer real oppression and persecution.

YOU want to say to the Permanently Offended: Shut Up. Shut up and grow up. So it should be no surprise that when a figurehead arose who was fearless to do just that, America embraced him.

While there are real problems of racism, sexism and homophobia going on every day in the world, they were sick of women making everything a feminist issue, even when it's not. Sick of minorities making everything a race issue, sick of Millennials claiming to be persecuted by those just expressing opinions. Here was someone not afraid to speak his mind - no matter what was in it. The irony is, most of it was reactionary bile.

He repeatedly attacked women's looks during the campaign and privately was caught on tape laughing about how he just takes sex with women if he wants it.

"Just grab 'em by the p***y", he was heard boasting on a hot mic. He called Mexicans rapists. He appeared to mock disability. He questioned Obama's American citizenship. He is a remarkably despicable human being.

But for many voters, what was of the highest value was Donald Trump's insistence on saying what he thinks in a world where PC culture is threatening free thought.

And it killed off the real issues - not least that Hillary Clinton's defeat was an anti-feminist result in an election campaign marked by sexism.

True feminists hoped that Hillary would win and slay the last great chauvinist pig. And we really believed it could happen.

The crushing disappointment it was to realise America would have voted for Worzel Gummidge if it meant there wouldn't be a woman at the helm.

Because feminism has been given a bad name by vulgar characters such as Lena Dunham and Miley Cyrus who seem to think equal rights means appropriating the worst traits of men.

The "waitress moms" in America's mid-west, with families and low-paid jobs, don't have anything in common with these women.

It has resulted in feminism not being taken seriously any more.

It is cold comfort that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in America but the bottom line is: he's there and she's not. If there is anything we can learn from this, it's to stand up to this nonsensical brand of political correctness. Protecting the meek and the vulnerable has to be a priority.

But tip-toeing around the PC brigade and branding everything discriminatory has knock-on effects.

If the Pro-Choice campaign continues to be so aggressive, it runs the risk of losing a referendum of the 8th Amendment.

You cannot force people how to think.

Be a true liberal - someone willing to accept and respect opinions or behaviour different to your own. Or you will isolate others and lose the very battle you are fighting for.


SEXIST REMARKS Trump spouted reactionary bile during campaign

FAREWELL Barack Obama

OUTRAGE Protest at prospect of Trump in the White House

POPULIST Trump supporters show no signs of flagging

FEMINIST CHOICE But voters went for Trump over Hillary Clinton
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 13, 2016
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