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Farrell, Darren: Doug-Dennis and the Flyaway.

FARRELL, Darren Doug-Dennis and the Flyaway FIB Scholastic, 2010 unpaged $14.99 pbk ISBN 9781741697568

The notion of being carried away with a lie is taken literally here. Doug-Dennis is a sheep who has an elephant friend Ben-Bobby. They go to the circus together where Doug-Dennis eats Ben-Bobby's popcorn, but then tells a fib saying he didn't eat it. Having uttered his lie, Doug-Dennis' speech balloon lifts him into the sky where ...

There are many double page spreads in this appealing picture book and the bright colours are enhanced by the quality gloss paper. The illustrations have been created using pen and ink and Photoshop and Illustrator. The result is very avant-garde illustrations with exaggerated features and quirky characters.

This is a humorous and gentle moral tale about the healing power of the truth and the feelings of guilt and isolation that can be created even by little fibs. It should suit younger readers from four or five years old. JN

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Author:Nolan, John
Publication:Reading Time
Article Type:Book review
Date:Feb 1, 2011
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