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Farming returns.

CALEDONIAN MARTS THURSDAY, JULY 4 Caley Marts sold 115 cattle comprising of 55 prime bullocks, heifers and young bulls and 60 OTM cattle.

Prime cattle shorter in numbers would be dearer on the week. Prime bullocks topped at 240p for a British Blue from D Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie purchased by T Johnston, Butcher, Falkirk and to PS1451 for a Limousin from J and N Kerr, Bankhead, Aberdour, also purchased by T Johnston, Butcher, Falkirk.

Prime heifers reached 242p for a Limousin from WM Pettigrew, Faskine, Airdrie purchased by D Campbell and Son, Butcher, Callander and to PS1458 also for a Limousin from Brockwoodlees selling to HA Black and Son, Butcher, Stirling.

Other leading prices; Bullocks per kg - 238p Faskine; 232p Brockwoodlees; 230p Saltoun Home Farm; 222p Bankhead, Mawcarse and Moorfield. Bullocks per head - PS1412 Saltoun Home Farm; PS1393 Bankhead (Kerr); PS1377 Brockwoodlees; PS1365 Windyedge (Adam); PS1358 Meadowend.

Heifers per kg - 240p Brockwoodlees; 238p (x2) Easter Ochtermuthill; 235p (x2) Brockwoodlees; 232p Bankhead. Heifers per head - PS1456 Bankhead; PS1447, PS1419 and PS1406 Brockwoodlees; PS1399 Meadowend; PS1358 Moorfield.

Cows of all classes met a firm trade throughout. OTM cattle sold to 162p pkg for a Limousin from WM Pettigrew, Faskine, Airdrie and to PS1290 also for a Limousin from R Colquhoun, Barochan Cross, Houston. Dairy cows sold to 130p pkg from W Waugh, North Bankhead, Avonbridge and to PS830 from AWJ Broome, Solsgirth, Dollar.

Other leading prices: Beef OTMs per head - PS1140 Barochan Cross; PS1110 Mains of Throsk; PS1090 West Balgothrie; PS1080 Meadowend. Beef OTMs per kg - 150p Bankhead; 147p Barochan Cross; 145p Mains of Throsk; 136p Barochan Cross.

Dairy cows per head - PS760 Ardgate, North Bankhead and Solsgirth; PS740 North Bankhead; PS720 Solsgirth; PS700 North Bankhead. Dairy cows per kg - 124p and 121p North Bankhead; 118p Solsgirth; 110p North Bankhead; 102p Solsgirth.

MONDAY, JULY 8 Caley Marts had forward 142 store cattle at their fortnightly sale.

Bullocks averaged 194p pkg selling to 208p for a Charolais from J and J Kinloch, Walton, Cardross and to PS1100 again from the same home for Limousins. Heifers averaged 188p pkg selling to 216p for a Limousin from WJ Nisbet, Bogside, Langbank and to PS1120 for a Limousin from A and J Orr, Hill O'Harthill, Harthill.

Black and Whites sold to 149p from AHS Drummond, Glenside, Stranraer and to PS720 from the same home.

Bulls sold to 183p for Limousins from G Andrew, West Mitchelton, Lochwinnoch and to PS920 from the same home.

Other leading prices: Bullocks per head - PS1080 Ardgate and Hill O'Harthill; PS1060 Glenside (Drummond); PS1050 Merslaugh (Drummond) and Ardgate; PS1040 and PS1010 Ardgate. Bullocks per kg - 206p Bogside; 204p Glenside (Drummond); 197p Merslaugh (Drummond).

Heifers per head - PS1000 Reivoch; PS970 (twice) Hill O'Harthill; PS960 and PS930 Hill O'Harthill. Heifers per kg - 196p Hill O'Harthill; 193p Walton; 192p Hill O'Harthill.

Breeding cattle sold to PS1420 for an Aberdeen Angus cow with calf at foot from A Cuthbertson, Wester Balgair, Balfron. TUESDAY, JULY 9 Caley Marts sold 598 prime lambs, cast ewes and tups. A smaller show of 362 lambs would be sharper on the week.

A top price of PS109 was reached on two occasions, firstly for a 46kg Beltex from Doune Farms, West Lundie and also for a 50kg Texel from Bankhead Farming Partners, Crook of Devon. Top price per kg also went to Doune Farms, West Lundie at 237p for the same 46kg Beltex. Overall average was 186.1p (+4.6p on the week).

Leading prices: Prime lambs per head - Beltex PS104 and PS102 West Lundie; Texel X PS102 Bowleys; Texel PS100 Easter Cash and Bankhead; Suffolk PS100 Little Balquhomrie; Continental PS98 Longriggs; Suffolk X PS96 Bowleys. Prime lambs per kg - Texel 227p Easter Cash; Beltex 222p and 217p West Lundie; Texel X 203p Pirnhall; Beltex X 202p Middlepart; Suffolk 190p Kinninmonth; Suffolk X 190p Pitcairlie.

Also forward were 236 cast ewes and tups. With numbers short to fill buyers requirements, trade would be sharper on all fronts.

Heavy ewes averaged PS91.30 selling to PS129 on two occasions, firstly for a Beltex from K Campbell, Claylands, Kippen, and also for a Texel from HE Duncan, Bents, Harburn. Light ewes averaged PS58.85 selling to PS71 for a Blackface from Drummond Estates, Muthill.

Cast tups sold to PS113 for a pair of Texels from Bankhead Farming Partners, Crook of Devon.

Other leading ewe prices; Texel - PS125 Balbedie; PS123 Easter Cash; PS117 and PS112 Bankhead; PS114 and PS110 Tillyrie; PS113 Bents. Continental - PS98 Tillyrie. Suffolk - PS88 Middlepart.

NCC - PS92 Easter Cash; PS86 Kinninmonth. Half-Bred - PS93, PS87 and PS85 Kinninmonth. BFL - PS90 and PS84 Whinneyhall; PS83 Duallin. Dorset - PS88 Balbedie. Charolais - PS87 Upper Auchenlay. Mule - PS80 (x2) and PS75 Claylands; PS71 Duallin. Cheviot/ Mule - PS78 Bowleys and Whinneyhall; PS76 Culcreuch. BF - PS64 and PS55 Dummond Estate; PS56 Hangingmyre; PS51 Inverlochlarig.

UNITED AUCTIONS WEDNESDAY, JULY 3 UA sold 130 store cattle and 78 cast cows.

Bullocks (75) averaged 200.36p to 236.80p per kg for a 323kg CHX from Newpark and to PS1150 for a 598kg LimX from Crookedstonemuir. B&W Bullocks (6) averaged 144.24p to 147.50p per kg for a 512kg HFX from Stewarton, and PS780 for a 598kg HFX from The Hill.

Heifers (49) averaged 190.18p to 218.60p per kg for a 382kg AAX from Whitecrook, and to PS1050 for a 545kg LimX from The Hill.

Beef cows (78) averaged 134.39p to 199.80p per kg for a AAX from Gateside, and to PS1510 for a LimX from Whitrighill.

Bullocks: 251-300kgs- Craigo PS670, 231.00p; 301-350kgs- Craigo PS780, Newpark 236.80p; 351-400kgs- Mains of Callander PS795, 217.80p; 401-450kgs-Gateside PS940, 215.60p; 451-500kgs-Hoprigsheils PS1040, 213.50p; 501-551kgs- Hoprigsheils PS1080, 205.30p; 552-601kgs- Crookedstonemuir PS1150, Hoprigsheils 202.70p; 602-651kgs- Westergreenside PS1140, Stewarton 185.30p.

Heifers: 251-300kgs- Craigo PS480, 179.10p; 301-350kgs- Craigo PS660, 196.40p; 351-400kgs- Whitecrook PS835, 218.60p; 401-450kgs- Ardgate PS820, 187.60p; 451-500kgs- East Balscalloch PS965, 197.20p; 501-551kgs- The Hill PS1050, 193.20p; 552-601kgs- Ardgate PS890, 160.10p.

OTM cows per head - Whitrighill (Lim) PS1510, Falleninch (CH) PS1330, Whitrighill (BRB) PS1270, Gateside (AA) PS1250, Hillside (Cont) PS1130, Gateside (Sal) PS1070, Whitrighill (Sim) PS1030. OTM cows per kg - Gateside (AA) 199.80p, Whitrighill (Lim) 171.50p, Whitrighill (BRB) 164.90p, Wester Hall (Sal) 146.20p, Falleninch (CH) 140.30p, Whitrighill (Sim) 133.30p, Hillside (Cont) 121.50p.

OTM bulls per head - Dinar Est (AA) PS1390, Upper Spittalton (Lim) PS1250. OTM bulls per kg - Upper Spittalton (Lim) 164.90p, Dinar Est (AA) 148.80p.

United Auctions held its inaugural show and sale of pedigree Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset sheep.

Leading the sale was a top price of 1000gns on three occasions. Firstly was the pre-sale champion as picked by the judge Mr Sam Driver, Sandylane a stylish ewe lamb from Andrew and Caroline Kennedy, Maineview Ballymena selling to RM Fitton, Kedzlie Farm Cottage.

Matching this was another ewe lamb from the same home and once again to RM Fitton. Leading the rams was the male champion from A Morton, Stobilee. This tremendous shearling made 1000gns selling to W Cassie, Portstown, Inverurie.

Other leading prices: Ewes (one average PS420) - 400gns Dun Eidann. Gimmers (22 average PS249.61) - 600gns Waggoners; 500gns Ballytaggart; 300gns Doonhamer; 300gns Stobilee.

Ewe lambs (18 average PS352.58) - 1000gns (x2)- Maineview; 550gns Maineview; 320gns Stobilee; 300gns (x2) Downkillybegs and Ballytaggart.

Shearling rams (four average PS569.63) - 1000gns Stobilee; 420gns Ballytaggart; 400gns Stobilee; 350gns Sandy Lane. Ram lambs (seven average PS409.50) - 900gns Stobilee; 400gns (x2) Richhill and Dun Eidean; 350gns Stobilee.

Show results (Judge Mr S Driver, Sandylane): Shearling - 1 A Morton, Stobilee 1000gns; 2 T Wright, Ballytaggart 420gns; 3 A Steff, Waggoners N/S. Ram lamb - 1 Rankine, Dun Eidean 400gns; 2 A Morton, Stobilee 900gns; 3 B Lamb, Richhill 400gns. Gimmers - 1 A Steff, Waggoners 600gns; 2 TG Wright, Ballytaggart 500gns; 3 A Morton, Stobilee 250gns. Ewe lambs - 1 A Kennedy, Maineview 1000gns; 2 TG Wright, Ballytaggart 250gns; 3 TG Wright, Ballytaggart 300gns.

United Auctions held its annual show and sale of pedigree Zwartbles sheep. Leading the sale was a ram lamb from C Anderson at 800gns selling to A Torbet, Whitecrook. . Following on was a call of 650gns for a stylish gimmer from M/s Addison, Hayberries selling to A Bateman, Ivy House, Kendal.

Other leading prices: 500gns ram from M/s Addison, Hayberries; 500gns Gimmer from M/s Craig, Craigies; 350gns Gimmer from M/s McLean, Whitlaw.

Show results (Judge Mrs C Anderson, Wallridge): Shearlings - 1 S Craig, Craigies. Ram lambs - 1 S Craig, Craigies; 2 M/s Addison, Hayberries; 3 Simpson and Gillon, Tardoes. Gimmers - 1 (Champion) M/s McLaren and Baird, Greystone; 2 M/s Simpson and Gillon, Tardoes; 3 G McIntosh, Ardanbeag.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 10 UA sold 276 store cattle, 176 cast cows, 51 breeding cattle and 124 breeding sheep. Bullocks (166) averaged 198..16p to 229.50p per kg for a 305kg CHX from Drumoider, and to PS1170 for a 591kg CHX from Gillmill. B&W Bullocks (12) averaged 121.98p to 126.30p per kg for a 566kg HO/ HFX from Mains, and PS715 for a 566kg HO/HFX from Mains.

Heifers (98) averaged 193.40p to 223.00p per kg for a 291kg BAX from Gateside, and to PS1030 for a 516kg LimX from Auchnotteroch. Beef cows (155) averaged 127.28p to 157.10p per kg for a LimX from Clatto, and to PS1250 for a LimX from Easter Greenhill. Dairy cows (21) averaged 104.70p to 145.80p per kg for a HFX from Rossiebank, and to PS895 for a BFX from Craigend.

Bullocks: 251-300kgs- Hilton of Aldie PS620, 223.00p; 301-350kgs- Newpark PS740, Drumoider 229.50p; 351-400kgs- Wester Clunie PS790, 220.70p; 401-450kgs- Wester Clunie PS890, 212.90p; 451-500kgs- Holm of Daltallochan PS1020, 213.40p; 501-551kgs- Gillmill PS1150, 209.90p ; 552-601kgs- Gillmill PS1170, 199.30p; 602-651kgs- Mains PS1140, Ardgate 179.30p.

Heifers: 251-300kgs- Gateside PS650, 223.00p; 301-350kgs- Gateside PS700, Hilton of Aldie 212.90p; 351-400kgs-Wester Clunie PS780, Hilton of Aldie 200.00p ; 401-450kgs- Balsaggart PS895, Clonrae 212.70p; 451-500kgs- Wester Clunie PS1010, 208.00p; 501-551kgs-Auchnotteroch PS1030, 199.60p; 552-601kgs- Ardgate PS995, 175.80p.

OTM cows per head - Easter Greenhill (Lim) PS1250, Ballingry (AA) PS1230, Gateside (Sim) PS1190, Woodhill (CH) PS1110, Easter Greenhill (BRB) PS1030. OTM cows per kg - Easter Greenhill (Lim) 157.10p, Muckraw (Sim) 153.10p, Easter Greenhill (BRB) 151.00p, Ballingry (AA) 150.40p, Woodhill (CH) 140.50p.

OTM bulls per head - Howfold (Lim) PS1470, Woodhead of Aberdalgie (CH) PS1310, Lochty (Sim) PS1230, Lochty (Lui) PS1110. OTM bulls per kg - Lochty (Lui) 143.00p, Howfold (Lim) 136.90p, Woodhead of Aberdalgie (CH) 130.00p, Lochty (Sim) 107.10p.

Breeding Cattle: Bulls - Lim Bull PS1450 from Balcaskie; SHT Bull PS1300 from Woodhill. In-calf cows - PS980 from Woodhill; PS930 from Woodhill. Cows with BCF - PS1500 from Smithston; PS1180 from Woodhill.

Breeding Sheep: 124 ewes with lambs at foot. TexX ewes with single lamb at foot PS125 from Auchgoyle; TexX ewes with twin lambs at foot PS164 from Auchgoyle; TexX hoggs PS60 from Auchgoyle; Mule hogs PS48 from Auchgoyle; Chev ewes (feeders) PS57 from Auchentiber; BF ewes (feeders) PS59 from Auchgoyle; BF ewes (feeders) PS49 from Invergeldie.
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