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Farmers take on a big challenge; All the beef winners from annual show.

BEEF RESULTS Interbreed Champion: A & E Vance, Bridgehouse Farm, Whithorn.

Reserve: Donald and Kerry Graham, Birsca, Corrie - Carruthers Elspeth. Galloways Challenge Cup presented Dumfries and Galloway Union Agricultural Society, awarded Best Galloway in section: J & A Finlay, Blackcraig.

Lockerbie Agricultural Society Challenge Cup awarded winner of Galloway group class (class 67): J & A Finlay, Blackcraig.

The Bell-Irving Silver Perpetual Challenge Cup awarded best Galloway from the old Lockerbie Show Area: D & R Cornthwaite, Balgray Hill.

Bull, any age: 1 D & R Cornthwaite. Cow: 1 J & A Finlay; 2 Peter Hunter Blair, Nether Cleugh, Dalry; 3 J & S Ross.

Heifer stirk: 1 J & A Finlay; 2 J & S Ross; 3 J & S Ross.

Bull calf: 1 D & R Cornthwaite; 2 J & A Finlay; 3 J & A Finlay.

Heifer calf: 1 J & S Ross; 2 J & S Ross; 3 Klondyke Farms Ltd, Shancastle Farm, Moniaive.

Pair of animals: 1 J & A Finlay; 2 J & S Ross; 3 D & R Cornthwaite.

Championship: 1 J & A Finlay; 2 J & S Ross.

Lockerbie Cup: J & A Finlay. Belted Galloways John McTurk Trophy awarded Best Belted Galloway in section: Mrs A Bell, Clifton Farm G B Sproat Trophy awarded best Belted Galloway bull: Mrs A Bell.

Graham Beavis Memorial Trophy awarded Belted Galloway female champion: Mrs A Bell.

Bull: 1 Mrs A Bell; 2 George Milroy, Mains of Machermore, Newton Stewart.

Cow: 1 Mrs A Bell; 2 David Bertie, Old Place Of Mochrum, Port William; 3 J & Z Kirk, Low Kirkbride, Auldgirth.

Calf: 1 Sir J C L Keswick, Muil, Speddoch; 2 David Bertie; 3 J & Z Kirk.

Heifer: 1 David Bertie; 2 Mrs A Bell; 3 Sir J C L Keswick.

Heifer stirk: 1 David Bertie; 2 Mrs A Bell; 3 George Milroy.

Pair of animals: 1 Mrs A Bell; 2 David Bertie; 3 Sir J C L Keswick.

Championship: 1 and 2 Mrs A Bell, Clifton Farm, Southwick.

Aberdeen Angus West Mains Trophy presented the late Tom Corrie, awarded best animal in Aberdeen Angus section: Donald and Kerry Graham.

Bull: 1 Henry Duncan. Cow: 1 R H Dick & Sons, Lochmailing, Auldgirth.

Heifer: 1 Donald and Kerry Graham. Heifer: 1 Lucy Pittendrigh, The Bungalow, Blaircochrane Farm; 2 Henry Duncan; 3 I & A Burgess, Maryfield Farm, New Abbey.

Best animal bred by exhibitor: Donald and Kerry Graham.

Champion: 1 Donald and Kerry Graham; 2 Henry Duncan, Whitehill Farms, Kirkmahoe.

Highland Championship Cup presented D Mitchell, Upper Cray Farm, Stainland, Deane, awarded best animal in Highland section: D Logan & C Ross, Greenhead Farm Bank of Scotland Cup awarded best animal of the opposite sex to the champion: Grant Hyslop, Glentewing Farm.

Highland Cattle Society Shield awarded best calf: Grant Hyslop.

Bull: 1 Grant Hyslop.

Cow: 1 A & M Fitzsimon, Tregallon Farm, Lochfoot.

Calf: 1 Grant Hyslop.

Heifer in milk or calf: 1 D Logan & C Ross; 2 Mr and Mrs D Fountain; 3 Grant Hyslop.

Heifer: 1 D Logan & C Ross; 2 A & M Fitzsimon; 3 Mr and Mrs D Fountain.

Championship: 1 D Logan & C Ross; 2 Mr and Mrs D Fountain, Broomrigg, Watchhill Road, Lochmaben. Beef Shorthorn Cairnsmore Trophy presented Bill and Jane Landers, Bargaly Farm, Newton Stewart, awarded best animal in beef shorthorn section: D & T Bradley Farmer.

Bull: 1 Ian Tennant, Oldhill Farm, Carluke.

Bull: 1 Ian Tennant; 2 B & J Landers & Son, Bargaly Farm, Palnure; 3 Thomson, Roddick & Laurie, Newlands, Eaglesfield Cow or heifer: 1 Robert Crawford, Bracken Hill Farm, Catrine; 2 David and Rosemary Dickie, Knockenjig, Sanquhar; 3 Thomson, Roddick & Laurie.

Heifer: 1 D& T Bradley Farmer; 2 B & J Landers & Son; 3 Robert Crawford.

Championship: 1 D & T Bradley Farmer; 2 Robert Crawford.

British Blue Gray/Dalziel Cup presented by the family of the late Mr Robert Dalziel, Rue, Dumfries, awarded best animal in the British Blue section: Ian McGarva, Nether Abington Farm.

Bull: 1 Beth Hill, Caravan at Woodend. Cow: 1 D & L Watret, Muirfield, Hightae.

Cow or heifer: 1 Ian McGarva; 2 Jenny Devine and Martyn Hill, Hillend Farm, Roberton; 3 Beth Hill, Caravan at Woodend.

Heifer: 1 Beth Hill. Champion: 1 Ian McGarva; 2 D & L Watret. Charolais Championship Cup presented Thos, Goldie &; Sons, Ruthwell, awarded best animal in Charolais section: Gemma McCornick, Boreland Farm, Kirkcowan.

Challenge Cup presented Scottish and Northern Charolais Breeders' Association, awarded best male animal in Charolais section: Gemma McCornick.

Bull: 1 Gemma McCornick.

Bull: 1 Richard McCornick, Barnbackle Farm, Lochfoot.

Cow or heifer: 1 Martin McCornick, Boreland Farm, Kirkcowan; 2 Richard McCornick.

Champion: 1 Gemma McCornick; 2 Richard McCornick, Barnbackle Farm, Lochfoot British The Solway Cup presented Mr John G Marshall, Hardgrove, awarded best Simmental in the section: David Craig, Kennox.

W F Duff Cup presented the Duff Family, awarded best Simmental bred by exhibitor: David Craig.

Bull: 1 N & N Gwynne, Castlewigg Farm, Whithorn; 2 Jim and Patricia Goldie, Newbie Mains Farm, Annan.

Heifer: 1 Frank Gwynne.

Champion: 1 David Craig; 2 Jim and Patricia Goldie.

Limousins Championship Cup presented Mr J K Goldie, South Bowerhouses, Ruthwell, awarded best animal in Limousin section: D & R Cornthwaite.

Bull: 1 Thomas Hunter, Upper Brydekirk.

Cow or heifer: 1 Alan and Shona Stevenson, c/o T Laird & Son, Carbello.

Heifer: 1 D& R Cornthwaite.

Championship: 1 D & R Cornthwaite; 2 Thomas Hunter.

Any other breed not in schedule Female: 1 and 2 David Irving. Championship: 1 and 2 David Irving, Greenwrae Croft, Newton, Gatelawbridge.

Prime Cattle Silver Cup presented Messrs Thomson, Roddick & Laurie Ltd, awarded best animal in prime cattle section: A & E Vance.

Steer: 1 and 2 Rena Paterson, Low Three Mark, Stoneykirk.

Steer: 1 A & E Vance; 2 J Paterson & Son.

Heifer: 1 Jennifer Hyslop, Balluskie, BarrhillHeifer: 2 Thomas Hunter; 3 Ian McGarva.

Steer or heifer: 1 Alan and Shona Stevenson; 2 Jenny Devine and Martyn Hill.

Championship: 1 A & E Vance; 2 Jennifer Hyslop.

Commercial Tregallon Trophy presented A & M Fitzsimon, awarded best animal in the Commercial section: A & M Fitzsimon.

Commercial cow with male calf at foot: 1 A & M Fitzsimon; 2 A & J J Forrest; 3 Thomas Hunter.

Commercial cow with female calf at foot: 1 J M Wharton & Son; 2 A & M Fitzsimon; 3 Jenny Devine & Martyn Hill.

Championship: 1 A & M Fitzsimon. Juvenile Classes (Beef) The Fred Irving Memorial Cup awarded best calf in juvenile section: D & L Watret, Muirfield.

Society Trophy awarded best handler in this section: A & J J Forrest.

Best calf bred from Continental sire or dam: 1 D & L Watret; 2 Alan and Shona Stevenson; 3 A & J J Forrest.

Best handler from class 131: 1 Thomas Hunter; 2 D & L Watret; 3 Alan and Shona Stevenson.

Best calf from any other beef sire: 1 Klondyke Farms Ltd; 2 D & R Cornthwaite; 3 Sir J C L Keswick.

Best handler from class 133: 1 Klondyke Farms Ltd; 2 D & R Cornthwaite; 3 J & S Ross.

Championship for best calf: 1 D & L Watret; 2 Klondyke Farms.

Championship: 1 A & J J Forrest; 2 Thomas Hunter.

Inter-breed championship for beef cattle Haggas Cup presented Misses E G and E N Haggas formerly of Terraughtie, Dumfries, awarded Beef Interbreed champion: A & E Vance.

Beef Interbreed Champion: A & E Vance. Reserve: Donald and Kerry Graham.


Star prize Highland Champ shown by D Logan and C Ross at the Dumfries Show

Trophy time The Champion Simmental prize presented by Dame Barbara Kelly

Good form Dame Barbara Kelly present the prize for Interbreed Champion

Prize reveal Galloway Bull Calf Champion at this year's Dumfries Show
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Date:Aug 9, 2019
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