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Farmers advised in time measures to save paddy from bollworms.

MULTAN -- Agriculture experts have advised farmers to take proper measures at suitable time to counter pest attack on paddy crop to get better per acre yield.

In a release issued by media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department, experts said that white and dark yellow bollworms attack the trunk of Basmati rice plants and cause greater damage. The extent of damage is lower in case of pink bollworm attack. Experts said that bollworms eat the trunk from inside.

Attack at the fruit formation stage affects grain formation capability of plants. Dark yellow worm damages paddy nursery and crop.

In addition to paddy, maize, sugar cane, wheat, cane and others also serve as host for these worms.

Pink bollworm, after surviving on cane and fodder crops in October and September, shifts to wheat crop.

Presence of around 8-10 worms on light traps indicate their economic threshold level (ETL) necessitating effective steps to control them.

For their prevention, farmers should remove remains of paddy crop by ploughing by the end of February. Unnecessary plants be also removed from the field so that they do not become host for worms to lay eggs.

Eggs be removed from plants' leaves while weeds around the nursery be also removed.

Installation of lights traps at night time can be helpful in killing these worms.

Farmers should consult agriculture officials for application of suitable pesticides some 45-60 days after shifting of nursery to keep the crop safe from worms.

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Aug 12, 2015
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