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Farmer in the Sky.

FARMER IN THE SKY. Robert A. Heinlein. 1950/2001. Read by Scott Brick. 5-1.5 hour tapes. Books on Tape. 0-7366-8935-4. $48.00. Vinyl; plot notes. JSA

Brick's reading of this classic Heinlein SF novel has a youthful zest that perfectly suits the main character's personality. We hear the excitement and fear as the teenaged Bill prepares for a totally new adventure. Bill, his father, his sister and his father's new wife are real pioneers, as they get ready to make an interplanetary trip from Earth to Ganymede, a colony on Jupiter's third moon. It's on Ganymede that Bill learns some of life's more difficult lessons. If Earth was hard, life in this new colony is twice as hard. Once new friendships are forged, however, things begin to go more smoothly and what seemed impossible becomes challenging and almost fun. Then tragedy and unexpected disasters disrupt the peace that seems to be within their reach, and they are forced to face even worse events than they experienced on the depleted planet Earth.

Heinlein's works stand the test of time, as so many issues are pertinent to today's youth. Brick gives this reading an extra boost with his expressive vocal variations and energy.

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Sally Tibbetts, LRC, Maine West H.S., Des Plaines, IL
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Author:Tibbetts, Sally
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Date:Sep 1, 2004
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