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ANTI-CHRISTIAN AGENDA: In this book, an agnostic Jewish author explains how Christianity is being subverted by the political Left, and how that subversion is destroying all that is good about the country. Apr 6, 2020 1589
AARP Is at It Again. Feb 3, 2020 803
A Re-examination of the 2008 Financial Crisis. Mar 18, 2019 4225
The Treaty of Versailles and the Rise of Nazism: The Treaty of Versailles, the so-called peace treaty ending WWI, was meant to humiliate and punish Germany for beginning the war, but it led to Hitler's rise. Nov 5, 2018 4508
Not Theirs to Give. Oct 8, 2018 799
Business Taxes ARE BAD BUSINESS: The corporate income tax, which leftists persistently call to raise to "tax the rich," gets paid by either workers, stockholders (often retired people), or consumers. Jul 23, 2018 3250
Wilson's Fourteen Points: To take a lead in surrender negotiations to end the "Great War" with Germany, President Woodrow Wilson proposed his Fourteen Points. Jan 8, 2018 2289
Notables of the first World War: WWI had its share of notables, on both sides of the conflict. Dec 4, 2017 4427
America's grand entry into the Great War: despite the fact that the British interfered with U.S. shipping early in WWI and refused to abide by international rules of naval warfare, America sided with them against Germany. Jul 24, 2017 3886
Should planned parenthood receive taxpayer funds? Since planned parenthood has enormous profits, spends millions on lobbying, mainly provides abortions, and is a small player in women's care, shouldn't its subsidies be cut? Apr 3, 2017 3126
The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates. Book review Dec 21, 2015 1618
A right to refuse marriage licenses. Dec 21, 2015 830
Aces and airplanes. Aug 24, 2015 3760
Right to work is right. Mar 23, 2015 839
Does the mainstream media hate blacks? A review of crime statistics indicates that the major media reports crimes in such a way so as to incite racial animosity and racial violence, which in the end can only hurt blacks. Dec 22, 2014 3933
World War I: the opening gambit. Oct 6, 2014 3979
Prelude to the guns of August: conventional wisdom says that WWI was caused by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, but that was merely a handy event used by leaders to push their agendas. Aug 25, 2014 3648
Common core: is rotten to the core: more than merely a "Potemkin village" with its facade of being state-led, Common Core is a Trojan Horse that could forever change American education. Jun 23, 2014 3384
The Holocaust denying the deniers: for various reasons, some people claim that the Holocaust perpetrated against the Jews is a historical myth, but the documentary evidence belies their beliefs. Apr 7, 2014 4987
Hollywood hypocrisy: the political left takes every opportunity to showcase compromised conservatives not practicing what they preach, but they almost never apply the same scrutiny to themselves. Cover story Sep 23, 2013 4168
New public school policy: schools in this country, from the university level down, were generally meant to produce moral, literate leaders. Now they aren't. What changed and what can be done? Aug 19, 2013 3040
What a billion Muslims really think: in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on America, a long-term, large-scale study of Muslim beliefs was done. Some findings will surprise you; others not so much. May 20, 2013 4115
Is soaking the rich the right answer? Calls echo and re-echo for the government to tax the rich more, always based upon the supposition that such a tax is fair and moral. But is it really fair, moral, or just? Mar 4, 2013 2866
The battle of the bulge: at war in the winter. As another year passes and American soldiers still fight abroad, it pays to put their sacrifices into perspective. Jan 7, 2013 4125
The quadrennial political circus. Viewpoint essay Oct 22, 2012 808
Will phantom voters make the difference in this year's elections? The Motor Voter Act, which has as its defined purpose to clean up elections and increase voter turnout, is being abused by the Obama administration and activists to elect Obama. Oct 8, 2012 2471
Another look at Labor Day and labor unions: this look at Labor unions shows that coercion, as well as physical violence, is the stock in trade of labor unions, not an anomaly as unions would have us believe. Sep 24, 2012 2781
The facade that is Labor Day: labor unions have tried to convince the public that Labor Day is meant to celebrate the accomplishments of labor unions. But if that were true, there wouldn't be much to cheer. Sep 3, 2012 2370
Kick curbside recycling to the curb! Even amongst fiscal conservatives, defending curbside recycling is an almost knee-jerk reaction: of course, it's beneficial. But what if it doesn't provide its claimed benefits? Aug 6, 2012 2415
Right to Work works! Right to work - allowing every person to choose whether or not to join a union and pay dues - leads to greater personal wealth, freedom, and jobs for workers. Jun 25, 2012 2606
(Re) calling Governor Scott Walker: in the effort to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, much has been said about his record to date, but politics being what it is, many of the claims simply aren't true. Cover story Jun 4, 2012 3592
A fortnight in the life of a Gaijin. Travel narrative Mar 5, 2012 806
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker faces recall: campaigners to recall Governor Scott Walker submitted signatures to force a new election, but their victory relies on the public being ignorant of the disputed law's benefits. Feb 6, 2012 2911
The welfare state is Socialism in disguise: few would claim that American governance was not meant to protect individual rights, but many would disagree over whether public welfare fits in to the American plan. Essay Jan 23, 2012 2490
Capitalism, & Socialism, Christianity: many Christians believe that "capitalism" is immoral. But such a belief represents a misunderstanding of both capitalism and Christian teachings. Jan 9, 2012 3051
Public-sector unionism vs. the public interest: public-sector unions place taxpayers at odds with their public-service providers and, because unions fund politicians who do their bidding, their own representatives. Dec 5, 2011 3700
The reality of labor unionism in America: Americans are taught that unions' main purpose is to fight employers for better treatment of employees, but that's not true. Unions exist to keep non-union workers from working. Nov 21, 2011 3728
Free trade in theory and practice: in theory, "free trade"--trade without government interference--leads to benefits for all nations that participate, as well as all citizens. But as practiced, it is neither free nor fair. Sep 19, 2011 3707
The Boston police strike of 1919: in response to low wages, poor working conditions, and the inability to affiliate themselves with the American Federation of Labor, Boston policemen went on strike. Jul 18, 2011 2558
Fueling high prices: gas prices are taking a large chunk from consumers' pocketbooks, and politicians have been quick to scapegoat oil companies as price-increase predators. But are they to blame? Cover story Jul 4, 2011 3566
Is it really about the children? Viewpoint essay Jun 6, 2011 862
The Kohler strike of 1954: the Kohler strike, the longest major strike in U.S. history, began in 1954, but its negative repercussions were to affect local communities for decades. May 9, 2011 2139
Supply surfeit. Letter to the editor Jul 5, 2010 236
Government bailout: the government bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will continue the downward spiral of the dollar, begetting a new downward cycle for the economy. Cover story Sep 29, 2008 2974
Ron Paul's "Rally for the Republic": to keep alive the debate and interest he generated for fiscally sound, constitutional governance, Ron Paul held a rally across town from the GOP nominating convention. Sep 29, 2008 2114
I.O.U.S.A. how much?! The new documentary film I.O.U.S.A. sounds the alarm about our worsening debt crisis but is short on solutions. Movie review Sep 15, 2008 1876
Hillary Clinton. Cover story May 26, 2008 2352
Ron Paul. Dec 10, 2007 806
Greenspan: in his own voice: former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan gives readers a glimpse into his personal life and the inner workings of the corridors of power in The Age of Turbulence. Nov 26, 2007 1373
An amero for your thoughts: if America adopted a single currency (e.g., the "amero") with Canada and Mexico, we would no longer control our own monetary policy. Oct 15, 2007 630
How the Internet is changing political campaigning: Ron Paul, unanointed by the major media as a "viable presidential candidate," is using the Internet successfully to sell the small-government message. Cover story Oct 1, 2007 3042
Ron Paul's race: presidential aspirant Ron Paul speaks about successfully bypassing the media that have ignored him and about why his campaign is drawing supporters across the political spectrum. Cover story Oct 1, 2007 1251
A world of opportunity: although some world economic changes have negatively affected American workers, the United States is uniquely positioned to thrive in the global economy. Jun 25, 2007 1652
Business vs. government: in his book The Big Ripoff, Timothy Carney blows away the deception that Big Business and the government are adversaries and that the government defends the average citizen. Jan 22, 2007 1311
Behind the high price of gas: so that Americans have access to reliable, affordable gas and oil, American oil companies need to develop domestic sources of supply, but the government won't let them. Cover story Jun 26, 2006 2186

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