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Farhadi film named among best of decade.

Rolling Stone magazine's film editors have named Asghar Farhadi's "A Separation" as the 13th best film of the second decade of the 21st Century.

The magazine published its list of the 50 best films of the decade in its last issue of 2019.

Its write-up about "A Separation" said, "A major touchstone of modern Iranian cinema and a stunning example of how to mine drama from the simplest of conversational scenes, Farhadi's breakthrough movie reminds us that there are no heroes and villains in these types of stories. There are only people--loving, flawed, best-intentioned and perpetually screwed-up people."

The top four films of the decade, according to Rolling Stone are: "Moonlight," about an African-American boy growing up in Florida; "The Social Network," about Mark Zuckerberg and the start of Facebook; "Holy Motors," a French comedy set in Paris; and "Boyhood," about an American boy growing up.

Caption: FARHADI ... 13the best in world

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Title Annotation:Culture: From then to now
Publication:Iran Times International (Washington, DC)
Date:Dec 20, 2019
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