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Fare dodger's tall tales land driver in dock.

A CAR fanatic who never uses the train was cleared of being a fare-dodger described as 5ft 4in - after magistrates saw he is 6ft.

Lorry mechanic Richard Chamberlain had been sent a PS400 court bill for altering a PS21 train ticket.

The letter spelled his name wrong, had an incorrect house number and arrived two years late.

But after writing to them he was summonsed for a PS6.10 fare dodge.

The case was dropped by Nottingham JPs after rail staff gave a description.

Richard, 43, of Beeston, owns a Mercedes, a 1984 Sierra and classic lorries.

He said: "I have diesel in my veins. I don't use trains."

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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 13, 2017
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