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Farcical; LETTERS to the EDITOR.

I COULD not agree more with your correspondent Phil Harris, of Waterloo, who wrote in on Tuesday about the lamentable situation on The Strand, in Liver pool.

He is absolutely right to protest about the fact that, all this time after the "Big Dig" and all the pain we suffered with that, that The Strand still does not seem to be fit for purpose.

The lanes situation is at times farcical and I can't believe there are not more accidents as people realise they are in the wrong lane and suddenly veer across the road.

When there is a big event on at the Arena, the situation is even worse. I find myself staying at work late on those nights because it is preferable to spending an extra hour in Strand traffic.

As Mr Harris says, the boulevard down the middle of the road may look pretty, but it really is completely worthless.

K Lyon, via email
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:May 28, 2009
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