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Far-right extremist jailed for life for murdering Labour MP Jo Cox; Word on the web.

BRITAIN FIRST are always the first to claim the Muslim community never condemn an Islamist terrorist attack, which is far from the truth, but all they have done here is dispute that he shouted "Britain First", and even tried to claim it was a Muslim man making it up to discredit them. They are a sick and dangerous group who are splintering into other groups.

Chris Davis HE put an end to the life of a genuine hard-working MP who may have gone on to become a brilliant PM - she was such an amazing person. Would love to see his like booted out of the United Kingdom for good.

Daniel Keith THE fascists who created the evil climate that led to her death should be next to him in the dock. Their vitriolic rhetoric and inflammatory imagery cost this talented young woman her life.

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 24, 2016
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