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Far too many silly fouls; FEEDBACK.

IN the summary in the Examiner of the Giants Rugby League cup tie against Leeds we read: "Ben Thaler was in whistle happy mood awarding a total of 22 penalties on the night."

The inference in that assessment is that the referee awarded more penalties than he should have done.

The referee gave penalties for foul play. The referee committed no fouls. The players committed fouls which, on 22 occasions, were penalised. If the referee was wrong to have given those 22 penalties which of the Rugby League laws of the game should he, in the opinion of your correspondent, have chosen to ignore and what would your correspondent have made of fouls by Leeds players which the referee might have failed to penalise? At half-time I met a former international referee. He agreed that we had enjoyed one of the best first halves of Rugby League we had seen for a long time, but said he couldn't understand why there were so many silly penalties given away, such as lifting a tackled player's leg and pushing the tackler in the chest at the play-the-ball, acts which no referee is going to ignore.

It is players who give away penalties, not referees. And the sooner the Giants stop giving territory and possession to the opposition in so many silly ways, at silly times and in silly situations, the better their chances will be of winning, Michael J Robinson Berry Brow

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:May 11, 2016
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